People who have been coached before. Am I expecting too much?

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by gurk700

I love being coached. Accountability worked wonders for me.
So my question is not a coach vs no coach thing at all.

I'm just wondering how much contact and personal attention do you get on average.
I started with this coach about 8 months ago. We had one initial video chat. Everything else after that has been through Trainingpeaks notes on my workouts.
I used to ask a question here and there but comment on most my workouts. He'd respond to couple of them ~2 times a week.

Now he comments on one of my workouts once a week at most. Mostly 9-10 days apart. Nothing mind blowing. Just a "good job" or "hey you did a little better last week. your HR looks normal. Why?"
Today I did a 20 min test which is pretty big deal no? We do them like once in every ~2 months. He commented on some other small question I asked 7-8 days ago. Didn't review the 20 min test at all.

Am I crazy? I'm making decent fitness gains which I'm very thankful for. I'm almost equaling my best FTP from 5 years ago. I know 100% he knows what he's doing. But I guess I got into coaching for accountability towards someone who cares, does that make sense?

Maybe I'm expecting too much. At 41, most people I meet through cycling either quit after a month or don't have nearly the same commitment as I do. I was actually very excited that there's someone who's there to talk cycling fitness with at a more personal level than and who can be excited about my W's and work through my L's when I fail workouts etc.

This seems more like Trainerroad for 10x the price as of late. To give him credit, he does step in when there's a problem. But I have something like 99% completion rate (failed maybe 4 workouts out of something like 220+) so I guess there's not much to do for him?

Anyway... What are your experiences? It might be just a case of "dude you're improving. STFU and keep going"
Also I don't wanna assume anything. Life can get hectic and pretty sure he has A LOT of clients. So maybe it's just me being dumb. Posting for sanity check.

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by wheelbuilder

Your position sounds reasonable to me.
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by Weenie

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by eucalyptus

I guess it all comes down to what you pay and if you are happy with what you have received over what you paid.

I have seen coaches do a lot 1 on 1 communication but then you also pay big bucks every month. Best is of course if you belong to a team and they can assign or arrange a coach.

Also seen coaches do little to nothing but also receive a very tiny paycheck.

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by DanW

Depends on what the agreement you both signed up to was, as previous posters point out.

If you paid for a workout structure and are doing everything asked of you and making improvements then it sounds pretty fair.

Usually the contact time and type of contact will be laid out in writing beforehand. Review that and then decide if the coach is meeting expectations and if not politely take it up with them IMO

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by Tifosiphil

I would just talk to your coach, personally if I had employed a coach I would want a bit of the mental strength and support alongside a training plan.

The best approach if you are seeing gains in your fitness (their main job) would be to ask if you can have a quick one to one session once a month or similar, just an hour where you can talk concerns/challenges/thoughts. I am sure they would be open to that if they feel like it can give you more value

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