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by Casio20

Hi Mates,
Unfortunately wahoo stopped it's great training tool and i had to change to zwift.

What i absolutely liked about the wahoo software was that i could just cycle in a loop including some sprint sessions, where i could race against my old time.

I don't want to race or make a workout all the time to sprint and the sprints I've seen on zwift are to far away from each other and i can't see me time to know how well i did last time, just afterwards.

Is there a possibility in zwift to cycle loops/rounds with sprint sessions in between to race against my previous kom?

In addition wahoo had a better on screen information where i could see the length of an attitude and much much more, is there a possibility to make zwift look alike Wahoo?

Highly appreciate your support as i miss wahoo a lot.
May there is an alternative to zwift you may know


by Weenie

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