What are your goals for 2024?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by LouisN

BlueHubbard wrote:
Wed Jan 17, 2024 6:52 pm
2023 was my first year on the bike after a looooooong time away from not only bikes, but anything fitness related at all. January 2023 I was 91 kg with an FTP of 240 watts. End of November 2023 I was 79 kg with an FTP of 355 watts. About the progress I had expected, unfortunately I didn't have any more time to put towards training so that was all I could manage. Hoping to be able to put a few more hours into training this year.

Goals for 2024:

5.0 w/kg FTP (390-400 watts) by end of season
Complete the Hoodoo 500 race in August, solo unsupported
Win the 24-hour World Time Trial Championships in November
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by thematzie

After a 3-year Break of riding my race bike (because of my lovely two Little children) I First want to get back on bike a do regulary sports.

For 2024 These are some goals I want to reach:
- Minimum 5.000km of riding (zwift + outdoor racebike)
- lose about 15 kg of weight
- Build up my dreambike by my own
- reach an ftp of over 300w
- if my time and the logistics makes it possible -> climb my First pass in the Alpes

by Weenie

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by jurez

A few (hoping for 4+) rides of 200km in a day.
Have time to train and participate in Istria300.
A weekend solo trip of backpacking. Its becoming a yearly thing for me but hoping to go for 2-3 nights instead of only the usual 1.
If the stars align, see the start of the Tour in Italy with this backpacking trip (stage1 finish and stage2 start are both really close together and could see both)

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by smartyiak

10,000mi (incl Zwifting). Just b/c I've never done it.

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by BenjaminHuffy

I have a bad heart valve, and three years ago I had a heart attack and heart-surgery. So I will be happy if I get through this year without dying or major surgery again. My goal is to be able to ride every day I want to and enjoy it, that will make me a winner.

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by req110

I wanted to become more like a allrounder sportsman, so i started lifting weights (that was my priority before i started cycling), with the aim to be strong in the gym and fast on the bike at the same time. Sounds like an oxymoron, and yeah, it's pretty complicated, within the first month i gained 5kg and all my cycling efforts are harder now :D
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by petje891

Goal for this year will be to have some sort off shape during the year after having twins, not much time left to train anymore.
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by cheapvega

I have pivoted to running as my main endurance sport but I still love bikes and biking when the weather is good or I'm feeling beat up from running. Goals this year are mixed between the two:

Lose 25lb by the end of June (down 12lb since 1/1) and stay under 185lb (would love to stay under 180 though)
Get under 10:00/mile threshold running pace
Get up to ~400TSS & 20 running equivalent miles per week (1 running mile = 3 bike miles)
Do a 10K in under an hour

Also not a goal but I think I'm ready to enter the 21st century and do a disc build. Hoping to stay under 7kg with mostly Chinese parts

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