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by Seph

Hello! 90days from now and there will be the first race of 2024.
For now i feel good with my training but i want to improve a lot.

I found this chedule online, that have includes also a bit of gym.

Can you rate it?
Kinda looks incomplete seems doesn't have any training regarding climbing.

1/7 rest or easy ride
2/2 15min warm up 8x1min sprint 2min recovery between sprints and 15 for cool down
3/7 2-3hours moderate ride
4/7 recovery/rest/easy ride
5/7 group ride or moderate ride with 5-8 high explosive sprints
6/7 race simulation plus 5-10min high cadence
7/7 long ride + weight exercise (squat, deadlift,lunges,calf)

i don't know how to explain my current training,
Here are two of my top tier rides from this month.

Ride one.
AvSp 37,1 km/h
Max S 60,0 km/h
Average HR 155 bpm
Max HR178 bpm
Cadence Average 91
Max Cadence 118
Kcal 905
Weather temperature 22 ℃
Time 1:12:03
total km 44,56
Elev Gain 201 m

Ride two.
AvSp 38,1km/h
Max SP 54,1 km/h
Av HR 153 bpm
Max HR 179 bpm
Cadence Av 92
Max Cadence115
Kcal 864
Temperature 24 ℃
Tempo trascorso 1:10:15
44,61 km
elev gain 204 m

Both rides were in windy condition, half tailwind and half headwind.
The circuit parts were the climb is located is long almost 15km

i was thinking to made this modification on the schedule.
day 3/7 moderate ride on climb (max 155bpm)
day 6/7 instead of the race simulation, doing the motorpacing with high cadence
also i forgot to add that my max hr on paper should be 189 but i can go highter easily.

by Weenie

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