trainer front axle stand

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by PoorCyclist

is there any stand out that with a fake hub that fork can tighten to so the front wheel is not needed, preferably height adjustable. Only see a tacx one but it's made for their roller so not the best fit.

I could make one using rack mount pieces but not sure if it's a good idea.

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by Tifosiphil

Kickr Climb but that's obviously an expensive solution

by Weenie

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by MrCurrieinahurry

I looked at trying something similar but was concerned about the twisting forces with the front forks bolted in place

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by ghisallo2003

Kreisler rollers stand.

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by eeney

I was looking for a similar thing, mainly due to space, to allow me to get the bike closer to the desk.

In the end I turned my front wheel/fork to 90 degrees and a solid tyre. Note that my bike is permanently on the trainer, otherwise the 90 degree forks would be a pain to change everytime you moved the bike on/off the trainer.

A couple of options here for DIY, but I didn't trust myself

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by MichaelK

Contact your local Feedback Sports dealer and see if they have the Omnium front stands available separately or any warranty spares.

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by bremerradkurier

Way back in the '90s, the German Tour magazine had plans for a DIY workstand-front wheel mount was a wooden 4x4 sized post with a hole drilled for a spare 9mm front axle with locknuts and washers spaced to 100mm with a quick release.

Probably be pretty cheap to build something similar with the 4x4 post mounted to a melamine shelf board base.

by Weenie

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