Saddle Sores

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by voicycle

Mr.Gib wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2024 11:17 pm
It's an interesting question. It might depend on the nature of the washing machine, detergent used, type of bibshort, nature of bacteria, etc. as to whether bacteria will survive after washing. It is entirely possible that hanging up bibshorts inside out and allowing them to fully dry would stop the growth of bacteria (as opposed to leaving them balled up in a laundry basket).Washing a couple hours after riding vs several days may make no difference provided they have been hung up after the ride. Sounds like it's no problem in your situation, I'd stick with it if it works for you.Certainly washing immediately is the best option, but as you note it is wasteful and not exactly kind to the environment.

In my experience on the odd occasion where a bibs have been left for a few days prior to washing, nothing bad has happened. No funky odors, discoloration, skin irritation, etc. FWIW I don't sweat much and I am a heavy user of chamois cream - no idea of how this factors in to the equation.
+1 for this. I think it's more about the conditions your shorts are in between riding and washing than about the amount of time that passes. Mine get hung up inside out overnight before they go in the laundry basket and that's always been plenty to keep them working well. I'm also a non-chamois creme user and don't notice any difference in cleanliness/longevity of shorts compared to when I used to use creme regularly.


Related tip that may be helpful for some but definitely won't suit everybody: end of season is the best time to try coming off of chamois creme.

I never understood how some people could go without chamois creme - it just seemed incomprehensible to me and when I tried riding without it things were awful. Then I got thinking about how the only thing better than lubricated/low-friction is no-friction so I quit using creme one year after my off-season and was really gradual about ramping up my saddle time as I started training again. That was the trick to adapting. Haven't used any during-ride product since. I still get irritation if I ride in the rain or on very long days but some of the basic aftercare tips from earlier in this thread always sort me out pretty quickly.

So if you're a chamois creme user and want to try riding without it you can't just stop using it cold turkey - there's a reconditioning process to get your skin accustomed to it. Sizing down your shorts might also help - all my best experiences are in almost-too-small bibs because there's no room for them to move around.

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by FIJIGabe

TheBelgian wrote:
Fri Apr 26, 2024 8:59 am
FIJIGabe wrote:
Tue Mar 07, 2023 5:28 pm

Also, don't just take off your bibs - wash them. Letting the bibs sit more than a couple of days with sweat in the pad, will lead to bacteria formation, which washing won't completely remove. Don't linger in them - take off the bibs and wash them.
Sorry for ressurecting an old thread, but is this true? I usually hang all my cycling clothes to dry for 24h before piling them up so I can wash a week worth of cycling clothes at the same time. Running a washing machine for just 1 pair of bibs, a jersey and a pair of socks is not exactly economical/ecological.
I usually ride with my wife, so 2 sets of everything, plus her sports bras. Additionally, we have a very efficient washer, which automatically detects the load size and reduces water useage. The most we'll go is through the weekend, washing on Sunday when we get back from our ride. The key is to avoid lingering around wearing the bibs. If you're wearing it for an extended period of time, that's when saddle sores can form.

by Weenie

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by steve028

CAAD7R3000 wrote:
Fri May 19, 2006 5:58 am
I mean off the bike, not under your shorts! If I seen someone wearing undies under cycling shorts I would give them a wedgie.

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by ncornelisse

I had some serious saddle problems, but after some sessions with a tennisball the pain is gone.

The first 3 times it hurts so bad, almost tears, but now, the pain in the glutes is gone.

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by Dannnnn

Got my first sore at the weekend. Never had one before but spent 7 hours on the bike (compared the longest being 3.5/4hrs before). Half the problem was the last 3 hrs were flat and onto a big headwind, so i was tucked as low as possible and didn't morve around on the saddle much.

My plan is a few days off and antiseptic cream on it, seems to be getting better but still hurts a bit.

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