Tapatalk - Free v Subscription …. Or alternatives?

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by Beancouter

General question to the community as to how the everyone consumes their WW content?

I use Tapatalk without subscription, and have for years; recently the amount of advertising is making it almost unusable (well at least extremely annoying!). Is that everyone else’s experience or do you all pay for the subscription (or use something else?) - I assume the adverts disappear entirely?.

I guess also a question to the Mods as to whether there are alternative applications which are available; Tapatalk does a decent job but wondered if other options had been considered?

At the end of the day, I will blow 99p a month but just interested to hear others experiences

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by Weenie

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by EdWiser

I use the ad free version it’s great nothing else on the market really.
Fora is app that is junk but it is only for forums that are owned by the company.

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by jayjay

Are there any advantages with Tapatalk over just use a regular browser?

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by EdWiser

You can post images from your phone easily.
You can notifications from all the forums that you view in tapatalk in one place.
You can see the forum in a better format than a standard browser on your phone

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by C36

I do pay for it, usually waiting the sales they do, regularly. I can’t really remember how was the free version but I recall a limitation posting multiple pictures was annoying / not possible with the free version.
As of alternatives I am not sure.

What I wondered was if WW losses something if I use Tapatalk over web browser? I may think about add revenue?

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