Rim width for 28mm tyres (rim brake)

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by JMark01

Looking to get new rim brake wheels to fit 28mm tubeless. What's the best for comfort and aero - 19mm int, 27mm ext or 21mm int, 28mm ext? Thanks!

by Weenie

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by charirider

I had run 28mm gp4 season on 17mm int/26.5mm ext Metron 40SL wheels, measured 27mm so pretty aero combo.
Don't know how tubeless comes to true size, but I guess 19int/27ext will be ok for 28mm tires.
Of course, the more the better, but I doubt you'll notice it unless you are doing pro level TT and chading seconds on 40km course lol.
Safety wise, 21int is ok for 28mm tubeleas tire.
25/26mm tire might be not so safe to ride on 21mm int though...
I would suggest go for whatrver lighter!
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