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by mathias720

I am trying to install my elilee crankset in my sl8
It can be adapter to both 30mm and dub with spacers.
I bought a dub bottombracket for my sl8
But when installing with the dub adapters for the bb infinite bottombracket(4.3mm drive side, and 1.5mm non drive side) it tighten to much for the crank to spin.

So tried the dub spacers from elilee with seperate mm spacers,
Here i can add from 0,5mm 1mm and 2mm ( or mix) to both driveside and non drive side.

With no spacer there is about 3mm room
Or maybe 2.5 and take the rest with the preload adjuster.

How do i figure how many to put on drive side and non drive side ??

I triede different configurations, but can not get my front derrailleur to shift from small ring to big so thinking the chainline is wrong,

I have done setup of similar front derralieur before(dura ace di2) and could always get it to shift this will not shift from small to big at all,

Please help a rider wanting to try his new sl8

by Weenie

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