From Roubaix to Something a bit more racy

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by bobcat2014

I'm thinking of moving from my 2020 Roubaix to something a little more racy, trouble is I'm kinda confused by all the options. I've done a lot on my Roubaix, the Alps, Pyrennes, long flat runs and all sorts of sportives etc but I don't really need the Future Shock and I want to be in a *slightly* more racy position and have something a little bit lighter and possibly quicker (for me) I'm not looking for a bone rattling all out race machine but neither am I looking for a some kind of gravel capable machine (which a lot of endurance seems to be headed towards) Something which is good for long days in the saddle. I've got a list I'm building (not exhaustive) and hoping to translate into test rides.

BMC TeamMachine
Factor Ostro
Cervelo R5 / Soloist
Handsling A1RvO
Vielo Alto

I'd appreciate any insight any has moving from endurance themed bikes to more racy steeds


by Weenie

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by Beebsta

While I am not familiar with any of those bikes, "slightly more racing position" and the geometry of the Vielo R+1 Alto are not in the same zip code. That is a long and very low bike, is the first time I see a road bike (excluding TT bikes) with such a small stack. Are you sure this is something you want?

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by GlacialPace

Cannondale supersix Evo has a slightly longer head tube, might be worth looking at for something that won't need as many spacers under the stem.

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