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by joeyb1000

Is there a similar product to Absolute Black chain lube? Silca is nice, but it clumps up and doesn't last long.

by Weenie

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by froze

I'm not paying that much for chain lube, that's insane.

I use to use Rock n Roll Ultimate Dry, it was great at keeping the chain clean, but reapplication was necessary after 200 miles, and while buying the bottle was cheap, how it was used made it expensive, you have to squirt it on instead of dripping one drop per roller; so, I moved to Dumonde Tech Lite, this stuff is the best lube I've ever used, it lasts about 500 miles, and rain has little effect on it, the price is right and a bottle will last a long time.

As with any lube, you do have to follow the directions to the letter, no exception for Dumonde Tech, but it does take about 3 to 5 applications for it to last 500 or so miles, the first few applications don't last long, but it builds up. And like all lubes you have to wipe it down really well after each ride. They don't mention letting it set overnight to "cure" like other lubes, but I do that anyways though I doubt by me doing that is doing anything since there is no carrier in that oil. I started using it on my touring/camping bike, it worked so good I now use it on all my bikes with the same great results.

Having never used Absolute Black, nor will I due to price, I can't say how the two would compare, I would hope that Ab Blk would last at least 3,000 miles, and never let the chain wear out for that price! But you know that's not going to happen! So, for me, the price isn't worth it, in fact I think the company is ripping people off by making people believe the more they spend it's got to be a better idea. If they can prove that the chain will never wear out, and the lube will last at least 3,000 miles, then I'll buy a bottle because the cost of never having to buy a chain would make the lube worth the price they're asking.

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