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by maxim809

The rules are simple.


Do you see wrongdoers? Report them.

Abridged Text Version:
  1. No Personal Attacks
  2. Don't be Rude
  3. Add to Conversations Constructively
  4. No Low Quality Posts
  5. No Counterfeits or Fakes
My car, my radio.
Enjoy the ride.
It's actually a bike.

You need 30 posts and be a WW member for 1 month to send a DM to another user. Ability to DM is necessary in order to reply to a user who is posting in the Marketplace. The reasoning for this, to keep it succinct, is we have had issues in the past where "new" members were taking advantage. Also, we want you to be a contributing member to society and hopefully stay for as long as you love bikes.


by Weenie

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