Where's Calnago?

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by junchen

Just got back to WW after couple of years away. Sad to hear the news on calnago. RIP.

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by Daniel1975

Got back on WW when searching for information about Campy DM brakes. Then I saw the In Memoriam.... :(
Sad to read, RIP Cal.

by Weenie

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by TonyM

Everyone was born - and everyone will die.

The ONLY difference is what we do in between.

Use your life as good (quality) as possible

RIP Calnago! It seems he used his life the way he wanted

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by MaxPower

I joined this place because of Calnago. R.I.P

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by seamaster76

My first post on WW was to entroduce myself and my Colnago Concept. He was there! :cry: RIP Great Man, you'll be missed.
Calnago wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:47 pm
Welcome! That’s a nice build you have there, very “clean”. I’d ride that. What size is the frame if I might ask?... I’m guessing a 58s, possible 56s. Although my guess could easily be reversed as a 56s, possibly a 58s. And what’s that saddle height if you mind me asking. Need to know so we can potentially swap bikes next time I’m in Italy :) .

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by michel2

this is really sad to hear, enjoyed manny of his comments. may he ride on with a tail wind forever !

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by Belisarius

RIP Calnago... after years away, I was researching a new bike purchase; stumbled on his C64 topics, and realized that he is OCD perfectionist and able to know 50 different quality shades. Retrieved my password, logged in to ask him advice on buying a Colnago V3rs, and found this topic insteqd.... A true loss for everyone, especially countless riders that listened to his advice and now have positive riding experiences...

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by Arph

His Trek Koppenberg topic was the reason I joined WW forums. His knowledge, writing skills and tongue-in-cheek tone made for very enjoyable reading.
Ride In Peace.

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by iankovski

Yesterday, for the first time ever since 1954, Colnago won a Tour de France. Pogačar was riding a V3Rs.

Sometime watching the tour I remembered all the passion that Calnago put on his bikes and I felt a bittersweet moment when I saw the young Slovenian on the top of the podium.

Maybe Cal was watching these guys from somewhere. Miss you, Cal!

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by coriordan

Just want to add my condolences. It's been a year or two since I posted here and I can't believe that he's gone - an incredible contributor to this forum with the most intricate knowledge of bikes of anyone I have ever come across.

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by Calvaire

Wow, somehow I missed this thread.....longtime lurker/infrequent poster, but always appreciated Cal's insights, especially as they related to Trek Koppenberg/Classics. We should all aspire to live our lives in a way so that as many people post condolences as we have for Cal.....12 pages!! Truly amazing for someone that none of us ever met in the flesh but felt like we knew for many, many years. RIP Cal.....

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by dj97223

It's been about a year since Cal passed. And a very weird year. Cal, WW miss you!
“If you save your breath I feel a man like you can manage it. And if you don't manage it, you'll die. Only slowly, very slowly, old friend.”

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

Man, 2020 has been such a strange year. I've been in an out at weightweenies, but a lot more out in 2020 for a variety of reasons. Here I am at work on the 24th of December, just struggling to get through the day with a break between patients, and searching some information I see a thread with a Cal posting and the "In Memoriam" wreath. My heart sank.

A very belated RIP to Cal Dauncey. We had many interactions on here, and I always valued his input and his dedication to his craft. He will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him.

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by LillyBelle

Just found this thread. What a loss to the forum.

I read that he had no family left. Hope his orphaned bikes have all found a new loving owners.

by Weenie

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by CPKHarris

In 2017 I was working up the courage to build a bike. I've always done my own maintenance, but I wanted to buy all the parts and put it together myself.

@calnago's c60 build thread gave me so many things. The confidence to build a bike from scratch, information on how to do it better, and photos and detail to show me how to do it beautifully.

I've lost count of the people that I've referred that thread to to give them the courage to try it themselves. I joined Weight Weenies earlier this month for the express purpose of saying thank you to Calnago. I'm sad that my thanks comes too late, but I'm thankful for the community that appreciated his content and gave it place so I and others could benefit from it.

Attached below a photo of the bike Cal helped me build.



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