Where's Calnago?

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by cveks

Rest in peace dear Calnago.... You will be missed....

by Weenie

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by MrCurrieinahurry

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by TurboTommy

Man... I just want to post here on the off chance his friends see this thread. I never met calnago in the real world of course. But he helped me immensely when I was building my own colnago and asked for nothing in return. I think he just took immense pleasure in all things bicycle. RIP Sir, and best wishes to everyone who was lucky enough to know him. It is obvious what effect he had on those around him.

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by welchy

Amen. An absolute gent, this forum needs more of them like him, truly knowledgable and a always supportive.

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by majorbanjo

Oh No! Just stumbled on this thread....I am a colnago addict and have been for some time.....back when I was building up a Master X Light in 2012 Cal provided much appreciated advice.......I'm not a regular here anymore and stop in from time to time to admire the photos of builds most particularly loved those of Cal......shocked and saddened to see this thread......
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by SuperDomestique

Ah man just popped on here to see what you guys were thinking in the c68 and notice Cal’s voice was absent. Can’t believe my old pal has gone. The warmest most generous soul but with a wicked sense of humour that was the bedrock of our own special bond. Love you man. 🍻

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by spokenwords

im late to this i know but I remember Cal from a while back. Tailwinds my friend.
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by cervelott

Just learning about Cal's passing on this thread. We had the exact same colour C59 and in the exact same size. He was very helpful to me during my build and even sent me a customized stem cap he produced with a red Colnago logo on it, never asked for a dime.
I still ride that bike as my main ride and will look at that stem cap with even greater fondness now.
Cal you will be forever missed, you were a true gentleman and helped so many like me choosing the right frame and setup.
I never wanted to sell my C59 as it just fits like a glove, and certainly won't now!

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by mike

Cal was a person that cared about others. So passionate and made ww a special place

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by vlastrada

So sad to hear, I fondly remember his ultra-detailed engaging posts and his love for bikes and cycling. Rip, or as we say in Italy, che la terra ti sia lieve :(

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by davec

I've been gone a few years, but just piling on as an old forum member who really appreciated Calnago. Hope he's forever pedaling in the sky. RIP my friend.

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