Weightweenies website update, Febuary 2018

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by nmx

Hi all!

We're right now published the facelift/website update on which we've worked for a long time. Goals have been:

- Device responsiveness (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, ...)
- A more modern and clean look of the complete website
- Generally better browsing experience
- Better linking/connection of www.starbike.com webstore (host)
- Better integration of the other WW content (blog, galleries, ...) with the forum and vice versa

There have changed some basic approaches in the forum template as we had to switch the template. The old one was simply expired for a very long time and hence a switch unavoidable.

We will also publish some more content within the next time. So stay tuned!

If you have any things which could be better - especially forum reading/browsing experience - please let us now in this thread. We are very happy to enhance the board as much as we can.

Things which are planned to fix/add within next few time:
- Video embedding possibility in forum
- Links inside quote headers (problem is that there are also some changes here due to the template switch; We will check that)

If you find any bugs/errors feel free to report in this thread.

We hope you like the new website.


Note: If you want to stick with the old template please proceed like this:
UCP -> Board preferences -> My board style -> And then switch to subsilver2
Attention: According to our knowledge this template is not maintained by it's developer any more, hence it can be that there appear some errors/bugs within future!

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by Leviathan

I dont like the new design, as Ive come to view any changes of anything in my life as the spawn of the Devil.

by Weenie

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by themidge

+1 It's too white/bright. It's quite difficult to see where one thing stops and another starts with no definite boundaries, or see the differences between read and unread posts for example. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but the old one was better.

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by claus

Previously I just needed to jump to the next "First" link, now that's "hidden" behind some icon which isn't searchable...
That's a big loss of functionality / simplicity of reading this forum :-(
The new layout wastes a lot of space too.
BTW: I'm using a text based browser so I don't see all that graphics stuff (which usually just clutters the screen).

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by DWatkinsBSB

Whaaaa! Hahaha!

Everyone will moan, then people will get used to it.

Chapeau for the initiative!

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by guyc

So much better on mobile. Thank you for what’s undoubtedly been hard work.

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by Carcinogent

Takes some getting used to it, especially the "Active topics", though overall it is a positive change. :up:

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by stevec1975

Man, this is godawful, looks bad on mobile and even worse on Desktop.
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by rajMAN

Uggh, you put dropped stays on this, what a cr*p look. :(

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by liam7020

Yes, with the others who say not as user friendly as the old site. Sorry!
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by P90Puma

Missing the "Active Topics" as well here.

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by nmx

Thanks so much for the feedback! Some things are different in this template compared to the former one. Active topics can be found when accessing "quick-links" at upper left side of the website.
active-topics.PNG (8.34 KiB) Viewed 14418 times

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by Klaster_1

The new theme looks pretty good!

The Strava ID input in profile edit form has a vert weird validation that caps ids at 1000000, so I can't enter my ID even after messing with validation attributes.

https://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum/ uses default phpBB theme. HTTPS is important, please fix it.

I'm of opinion that image sharing direly begs for a major overhaul: if you can't afford to host several gigabytes of user images (I love how you can see 10 years old attachments on mtbr!), arrange a thrid-party integration with post editor, I suggest imgur, which is used by reddit and stack exchange. This should be fairly trivial.

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by nmx

Sorry - Currently we cannot provide SSL encryption for the forum. It is now fixed that you will be redirected when accessing the site with "https://".

We do host a lot of images!

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by slake21

not a big fan of this facelift.
much harder to see the content, and putting the avatars on the right side is the stupidest thing you can do to a forum (never understood why phphbb did that..)

can't you just give us the option to choose the old design in the profile settings or something?

by Weenie

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