Beware Bike Inn / Trade Inn - Any problem is fault of customer

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by ParisCarbon

Ive had pretty good luck with them... a few things to note though with them.. just because it says the item is "in stock" doesnt mean they have it.. it means their distributor has it... I had multiple items I wanted to order , shorts, socks, some ekar drivtrain components... they had it all listed in stock so I ordered from their versus paying 2 shipping costs to Canada... 10 days in and the order still hasnt shipped out as they say are still waiting for half my order to arrive to the dispatch center.. their repsonse to questions is very good.. asked them what the hold up was, and they get back within a few hours generally... I realized lastnite I am short on inner tubes, so wanted to order in some on this unshipped order.. according to their site, there should be an option to just add them, but its not letting me, its creating a second order.. funny thing to is, their shipping costs to Canada have gone through the roof on some stuff... Postal service for 8 inner tubes is $22... if I want DHL for 8 tubes, they want something like $160!!! Funny thing is, my Ekar order/shorts etc sent DHL wasn't even half that price.. so I dunno how they are calculatng shipping costs... Im awaiting a response on just adding the tubes to the existing order... unless it crank my shipping costs through the roof...

by Weenie

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by constantinyuple

i am also waiting for a refund of 1000 euro from bikeinn since march.
they did not ship my order and once i started a paypal refund process quickly shipped it 6 weeks later (!) by what time i no longer needed the product. product was never accpeted by me, was returned to bikeinn and now ever since its back in their facility they ignore me. case is still being processed with paypal.

its the second time i have a terrible experience with them. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

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