FS local pickup in London. WAHOO Kickr Headwind fan £100

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by gurk700

Priced to sell. Short window to sell my wahoo fan. My girlfriend has lived in London for the past 2 years. I've stayed a few months at a time.
She's now relocating back to California. Moving company is getting a lot of our stuff here but we're leaving a few electronics behind as it's a pain to use adaptors / transistors etc.

Therefore, letting the Headwind go for cheap. Sorry no photos at the moment. Can have my girlfriend take them in the morning. I've used it veeeery sparingly as I stayed there maybe 4 months total in the 2 years. Great condition. 0 issues. Been sitting in front of my wahoo bike there for months.

I will have you coordinate pick up with my girlfriend after purchase. Our flat is in east Hampstead. NW3 5TN.

If you can't pick up in the next couple days, our neighbors / friends over there are also able to help.

Thank you!

by Weenie

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