Reserve 40/44 GR wheels

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by parleez1

Requiem84 wrote:
Mon May 06, 2024 1:48 pm
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Mon May 06, 2024 1:40 pm
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Mon May 06, 2024 1:37 pm
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Sun May 05, 2024 1:36 pm
First ride yesterday (5/4) on the Reserve 40/44 road wheels set up with Vittoria Corsa Pro Control 32mm tires, did not disappoint. It was very easy to seat the tires on the rims by hand, no tire irons needed. My wheels came with Reserve Fillmore valves, so I was able to pump them up with a hand pump, put sealant into the wheels through the Fillmore valve with no issues, they are holding air with no leaks. The wheels handled very well on my first ride in a cross wind, I did not get blown around at all, they felt just as fast as riding my Roval Alpinist CL wheels with 28mm Sprecialied Cotton tires. So far I'm very happy with my purchase!
Are you talking about the 40/44 road wheels or the 40/44 GR(avel) set?

It's a bit confusing, but they are two different sets of wheels.
Re-read my post, I did say road wheels...
Ah true, you did. Missed it. But this topic is on the GR wheels (as it is in the CX & Gravel section). Nevertheless, good to hear you're happy with the cross winds stability as I presume it will be exactly the same between the road and GR set wheels.
Yes, guilty as charged, got a little excited on the discussion of the Reserve 40/44 gravel wheels and thought I'd chime in about the road wheels, sorry, didn't mean to hijack the post.

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by kervelo

I think many riders use the standard 40/44 wheels for gravel too. The wheels even come with some gravel bikes, for example with the Aspero. However, according to Reserve technical specs the wheels are classified as ASTM 1 (paved roads) and not ASTM 2 (gravel, cross). I wonder if this may cause any issues in the long run.

by Weenie

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by hobe

I've had my eyes on these since they came out. It now looks like they offer both a set built with DT 180s and a rim only option. When I have a bit more time I'm probably going to get a set of rims and build them up with a set of i9 Solix hubs.

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by jdms2k

Anyone have these wheels? There are still no reviews of these wheels since the initial launch reviews that don't say anything. These seem like perfect aero gravel wheels

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