Aero Handlebars in gravel

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by voicycle

fizzaz wrote:
Wed Feb 07, 2024 9:52 pm
Races almost always ask that you do not wrap it
At not the pointy end of the race I've found it depends on the event. Sometimes the timing chip is on the back of the numberboard and bending it can damage the chip or prevent it from reading correctly. Otherwise they tend not to care. If it's not a 'smart' numberboard and they do say anything in the pre-event written info about not wrapping it then I usually assume that's for the photographers as mentioned by someone else, and I don't think I've ever been asked to un-wrap it once it's on.

Gotta bring your own spare zip ties and snips and get creative if you want to avoid paint damage though!

by Weenie

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by damond

Thanks for all the opinions so far.

I just found this PrimeOrra Aero Gravel: ... -handlebar

This ticks pretty much all my boxes except for the flare, i really like my current 12º flare and this prime has 16º.

I also haven't read much reviews (nor know anyone who rides these bars) so not so confident about pulling the trigger.

The Enve SES AR as someone pointed out would also be an option if it was not for the excessive flare (for my preferences) and weird shape on the transition to the drops.

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by krzn

I have the Prime Primavera Aero handlebar, which looks exactly like this one except the flare, and like it. Pretty stiff, lightweight, comfy, and routing the cables was reasonably easy. Plus, the clamping aera is wide enough to mount clip-on aero bars.

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by voicycle

I can offer some comparative opinions on both of those options (plus some other reference points). In chronological order the carbon handlebars I've had are:
  • 3T Aeroghiaia - drops felt too shallow and wide - caused weird fit issues (may also have been shorter reach than I had before). Was coming from WTB Butano which was 12 degrees I think. Replaced these after like 3 rides.
  • Enve SES AR - I've never liked any other carbon product as much as this before or since. The ergonomics and the way the carbon is tuned to take up road buzz are just goldilocks perfect for me. Still using them.
  • Roval Rapide - no complaints, no great love. Ergonomics are decent and bars are stiffer, but I'm not a strong enough sprinter for that to be an advantage. Less comfortable than Enve AR even when both bikes shared the same wheels (but the bike itself is a Tarmac rather than a gravel bike so will naturally be harsher). Still using these too.
  • Prime Primavera Aero (identical to Orra Aero without flare as far as I can tell) - much stiffer than Enve AR but a bit less than the Rapides. Pretty great shape overall and the weird wrist scoop thing behind the hoods is surprisingly comfy to have - I'm surprised others haven't started doing this now. Only niggle is they kind of ovalised/teardropped the tube profile in the drops and it knifes into my palms a bit. 'Knife' is a gross exaggeration but since this is my ultra-endurance bike I double-wrapped that section only and it makes them feel about the same as any other handlebar I've tried. This purchase would have been a second set of Enve ARs but since it's an ultra-endurance bike I needed enough clamping area to fit traditional TT clip-ons. I think the Primes are relatively unique in accommodating that.
  • Prime Primavera Aero - I liked the first set enough that I bought them again to build up a crit bike. Price and familiarity determined that purchase decision. I haven't built the bike yet but I don't plan to double-wrap this set at all.
If I had to replace the Rapide's tomorrow I think I'd try the Enve Aero (not AR) just because I'm so impressed by the other Enve bars I have. I'd go like-for-like replacing any of the others.

N=1 but I hope that helps - sorry I don't have any experience of the 16 degree flare on the Orras!

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by JMeinholdt

RDY wrote:
Wed Feb 07, 2024 10:55 pm
I've never heard of someone being asked to use it as a sail on the bars if they're using a number holder on the seatpost.
Literally all of the gravel races I've done state explicity where to place your number plate and that you are not to bend it around (though a lot of people seem to). That's due to the timing chip placed on the number plate itself.

As for aero bars on gravel, I have older 3T aeronova road bars on my Exploro with no flare at all. When 99% of your gravel riding is in the central US with long, straight, wide gravel roads, there's no need for a wide bar or flares for added control.

And for most people, racing only covers a tiny bit of their total riding (if at all) and for every other ride, aero matters.
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by CFrancis515

I run the ENVE SES Aero Bar, in this photo from Utah last year i had the 41c model on but have since switched to the 39c. The flare is on point and the aero gains are great. For anyone who has done 6 hour plus gravel races, you pretty much should understand than any gains possible are worth it. In my opinion, more so than even road riding. On the road you are in the wind for 1-3 hours usually? In a big gravel race, 4-8 hours typically, a very small gain adds up to a huge savings over 8 hours, so I dont pass on anything. And as you can see, the number plate isn't helping things, but the bars are still presenting their advantage.

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by kroem

Anyone know where I can source Prime bars in Sweden? CRC/Wiggle dont delivery anymore it seems.

They tick most boxes for me.
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by RDY

kroem wrote:
Fri Feb 16, 2024 10:16 am
Anyone know where I can source Prime bars in Sweden? CRC/Wiggle dont delivery anymore it seems.

They tick most boxes for me.
You'd have to use a forwarding service.

More and more EU to UK and UK to EU business is being suspended, as Brexit caused red tape that was kicked down the road is finally coming in. Even if CRC / Wiggle get bought out by an outfit with deep pockets, I can't see their UK to EU business being resumed any time soon. To survive in this environment and with the UK economy being in recession, I think they'll have to downsize a lot.

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by FLBCarbon

I'm in the process of installing the Deda Superzero carbon gravel bars on my bike. With my Breed Carbon having exposed cables, the semi-internal cable routing gives you about 4" on both sides of the bars to go internal, so the inside 11"+ of the bars technically don't have to be taped. Super short reach and drop as well for my small hands. You can find great deals on European sites.

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by Kurt1980

1swiftvelo wrote:
Thu Feb 08, 2024 3:46 am
PRO is coming out with a aero gravel bar. Should be available around May hopefully.
Anymore news on this? This sounds like what I'm looking for.

Edit just looked on the Pro website... looks like they've landed. ... -handlebar

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by KuB3

There is also the Bontrager RSL Aero it's not a "gravel" handlebar but it has the same spec as the SES
I have on my gravel/allroad, 37cm at the hoods, 39cm at the drops and I love it!!!

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