New Sworks Pathfinder Tire

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by jacobeh

ryanw wrote:
Fri Mar 18, 2022 5:31 pm
Mine haven't dropped at all. Seriously impressive (using Orange Seal).
Same here on both account. No sidewall bleed or anything either (unlike the Panaracers)

by Weenie

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by boots2000

Upon my return from trip, I discovered a super small thown at the edge of a lug on the rear tire. Pulled the thorn. Added more Stans. It is holding air fine now. So tire itself was not problematic.

boots2000 wrote:
Fri Mar 18, 2022 4:01 pm
I am still on my trip. My rear Pathfinder seems to be loosing much of it air overnight. Tough to diagnose/fix on the road as I don't want to pull apart, re-tape, re-Stans. etc.
But it seems to be holding air through the course of my ride. And no obvious punctures, thorns, sealant spots, etc. Easier to go with it than stress over it. ;)

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by rides4beer

Finally got mine mounted up, went on by hand and seated with just the floor pump. 438g and 455g for mine, couldn’t find my calipers (moved recently lol), but should be around 44mm as others have reported since these rims are 23.5mm internal. Haven’t been a big fan of tan walls, but these look pretty good. Def a good bit more volume over the 38mm Pros. Oh, and my 38mm Pros weigh 520g, so even going up a size, still saving over 140g for the pair. :thumbup:

First ride will be tomorrow, looking forward to seeing how they feel.



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by rides4beer

Have two rides on these now, mostly road, minimal gravel, with a lil mud, they did fine. They measure right at 45mm, where the Pros measured 40mm on these wheels, def a good bit more volume. On the pavement, they feel just as fast, maybe a hair faster than the Pros, which is pretty impressive given the increased volume. These will be really nice for some chunkier stuff that felt a lil sketchy on the Pros.

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by fourfa

No 650B option on S-Works?

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by rides4beer

fourfa wrote:
Mon Mar 28, 2022 7:24 pm
No 650B option on S-Works?
Not that I'm aware of, think they only have 700x42 right now in the S-Works. A 700x38 option would be really nice too. :beerchug:

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by Jaisen

Minirac wrote:
Tue Mar 22, 2022 9:46 pm
P.s. weighted today New pathfinder PRO 32c =410g
You ever measure the width/height once mounted to a rim? I'm eying the 700x32 pathfinders pros but unsure if I have enough frame clearance.

ETA: I rolled the dice and installed some pathfinders in 700x32 on my Tarmac SL7 with 21mm internal width rims, they fit perfect with a 4mm clearance, just in case any one else happens to be searching for the same setup.

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by Alejogon

Have anyone compared these to G-One RS on their 45mm version?

I was running Pathfinder Pro before the G-RS, and I don't quite like them after 1k miles. Thinking about going with a semi slick -either Challenge or ReneHerse-, TerraSpeed or the SW Pathfinder... As I mostly do dry gravel and asphalt

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by la85

Re visiting this thread.

What’s the general consensus on these tyres? How do they compare to a G One R 40mm on mixed terrain?

I have purchased some last minute S works pathfinders for a race.... 110km gravel event, 2500m of climbing, mixture of 15% bitumen, 70% grade 1-3 gravel, 15% grade 4-5 Gravel. Will be cold and damp but not wet. 4.5hrs or less.

Thoughts on the pathfinders to do a good job? I have fitted them and they look good at approx. 45mm on my terra CL rims. Will have inserts installed as well.

Its either the S works pathfinders or G one R 40mm on a Carbon Diverge weighing 9kg?

Input would be greatly appreciated.


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by stoney

I really like my S-works Pathfinders. They've been durable, are lightweight, and very supple.

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