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by rawjunk

warickwrx wrote:
Sun May 19, 2024 6:14 am
rawjunk wrote:
Tue May 14, 2024 6:22 pm
Do anyone else had problems with their rear derailleur hanger? There is a noticeable gap between the hanger and the frame when the wheel isn't in place. I used cheap tool to align the original hanger but there was still chain rub on 12th gear. I ordered new one and it's definitely not straight either.

I have 10-50 XD cassette + 1,85mm spacer on a DT350 XDR freehub body.
I experienced a similar problem. There is a reaonable gap when the wheel is removed, however the axle obviously takes this up when hub is installed. Perhaps it is to accomodate the flip chip design. I am running flip chip in the shorter mode. I found that upon initial instalation of groupset one or two gears seemed to be out when setting limits. I replaced the hanger thinking that the origionl may have been bent during transport. The problem was still their. However after some riding the gear's seem tohave settled now and shifting is 100%.
I guess so. I need to try the short position, now the bike rides like a train.

I think I managed to damage my freehub body slightly so the cassette wasn't deep enough. Now the chain isn't rubbing on the hanger anymore but there is a issue with one cog when shifting to easier gear (11th > 10th gear, I think).

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by mistap

New Revolt spotted at Unbound FYI on Ben Delaney's Youtube - https://youtu.be/zyXO_3bqh5I?si=MnNRzvWddtVE5a-d

by Weenie

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by RDY

2025 Revolt (based on new Devote). Most recent post here:


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by RDY

Lame. It uses the existing Revolt's geo rather than Devote's. If you're small enough to ride one, get the Devote.

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