Nextie 40mm wide gravelrim! NXT45AGX

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by warickwrx

Lurker123 wrote:
Mon Feb 19, 2024 6:15 pm
I've currently got a 40c thundero on the front and 44c on the back. With the hooked rim these measure 41.5mm and 45.5 @ 30 PSI. I notice a lot of white gravel rock marks on the sidewalls after every ride but at least where I ride the actual loose gravel is smooth so I've never had a sidewall issue. Any tire is going to have a more exposed sidewall on a rim this wide than it would on a thinner rim
Fitted the 44c versions and came close around 46mm. Seems like my Revolt frame still has some room if I want to go bigger. Now just to take them for a test ride !

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by Pablojose87

RDY wrote:
Sun Dec 18, 2022 11:30 am
rulefive wrote:
Sat Dec 17, 2022 4:28 pm
My AGX45 wheelset is used for road and fast gravel. My opinion is that this is the primary use case for this style of rim - to provide stability and an aero friendly profile when using wider tyres.

My preference for running a 36mm tyre is that on the AGX45 it will end up measuring about 40mm which lines up nicely with the rim. Going to the 40mm tire is likely to negate at least some of the benefit of running the AGX45 as the tyre will end up a lot wider than the rim.

Also note that the Speedero should be faster than the Thundero because the knobs are lower profile and more aero, something that BRR et all don't test for.
No manufacturer is ever going to suggest running a 36mm tire on a 41mm external rim. Ever. Especially offroad. There's no way they function properly, as you've found, and rim damage is practically a given at some point. Much wider? Thundero 40mm measures at 43mm for me. That's 4.9% wider, or 1.5mm / 2.45% each side. The 105% rule isn't really a rule, and it's pointless following it for these rims as they're nowhere near deep enough relative to their width for it to be relevant. This rim is about stability, and arguably reducing tire deformation with less mushrooming, leading to lower rolling resistance (and potentially an aero gain that way).

If you're worried about the minute aero gain between the Speedero and Thundero, then presumably you wouldn't be running these rims, as they're way too wide.

If you want mixed road and gravel use, and want aero gains, then you'd have been much better with the ARX49 from Nextie, or similar rims from FarSports or LightBicycle. The 36mm Challenge HTLR tires should be fine on 31-32mm wide rims, unlike these monsters.

IMO the Panaracer GK 38s (40 ETRTO) are too narrow for the AGX. Thundero 40s are the narrowest I'd ever go.
You can chose to ride what you comfortable with; however that doesn't make any some intrinsically unsafe because how you feel about it. I have the Light Bicycle WG44 with 30 internal width combined with a 35c graveking that measured 41mm. It seems you are mentioning the external width of the rim which how no impact on how safe or wide a tire will fit. I rode my setup on a 100 mile gravel race with no flats, no roll offs, no burping, and no crashing. The wheel/tire combo really shined on downhills where we would free wheel and I would coast ahead of others. This set up also allows for a lighter and smaller tire to perform at the same width and pressure of larger tires. Having a lighter tire is so helpful for climbing and acceleration over hours. Take it or leave it but it has been a great experience for me.

by Weenie

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