AXS Force 10-36 Cassette with Standard 12sp Chain?

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by Alejogon

I was wondering if someone has tried to run the GX derailleur with an XPLR cassette?

I'm currently using a 10-52 with XX1 Eagle chain and 46t chainring, but I'm moving to an almost flat place, so I wont need high gear ratios. Was planning on using a 10-44 with the same derailleur. Is it possible? Do both cassettes have the same spacing?

I'm already on a XDR hub with the spacer to fit the Eagle, so that would not be a problem.

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by stalkersk

Your best option is to get Garbaruk 10-44. Derailleur will work, i was runing Rotor 11-39 for some time without problems.

by Weenie

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