Adjustments for more reach: saddle or bar/stem?

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by cnishikigi1

Hi guys,

I've recently assembled a Tarmac SL7. I'm 176.x cm tall and use a size 54 frame. Since I'm more of a short-legged figure with narrow shoulders and relatively long arms (40 cm bar, and my arm span is 180 cm), I find I need at least 10 to 20 mm more reach to comfortably lie low.

I'm trying to deal with the reach problem since it sometimes make my hip hurt and I can't hold on the power output when feeling pain from the butt. From my current setup, the saddle has pretty much no room to go behind further. The stem comes with the frame and is 100 mm long. Both the saddle and the bar/stem are to be upgraded in the future so I'm thinking about replacing them to create that extra reach.

The options that I consider are (1) Use cockpit w/ 110 or 120 mm reach. (2) Find a longer saddle that adds to the setback.

What will you prefer or is there something else you would suggest? Appreciate your replies!

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by toxin

No point adding more setback just add more reach at the front. Nothing wrong with a 140 mm stem.

Tbh tho, with that spacer stack and your reach issues, it looks more like you could do with a bigger frame

by Weenie

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by usr

It's all about balance to me: are you able to unload seat and bar at the same time while coasting in the drops? Without deliberately shifting the body? Keep that balance point, when in doubt add at the stem, some body shifting to reach balance is fine. Can't unload the bar without straightening up vertically? Add reach at the rear. Can't unload seat without holding the bar? Add reach at the front.

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by Nixster

Get your saddle position over the bottom bracket right first. Then adjust your bar/ stem for reach.
It is about balance but if you have lower back 'butt' pain it sounds like you may benefit from opening the hip angle by going up and forwards with your saddle.

Bike fitting has many inter related variables and is best done in real life by someone with experience not over an internet forum. Having said that, play around with it if you're happy doing that it's your body after all 😀

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