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by LedZeppelin007

After a complete overhaul of my bike situation due to my 353 blowoff, I now have a Lauf Segla (the cheapest one and with their suspension fork).

I tossed some Enve 3.4s on there with some 32c GP5k S TRs and went for a 50 mile rolling road ride (I also put on 38c Coefficient bars I had in the basement). I hope to use this bike for long rides on these crappy roads, pulling my daughter around in her trailer (she loves it), and the occasional gravel event.

Some observations:

1) Surprisingly works well on the road with road wheels. The suspension fork actually is really nice on crappy roads. With an alloy post, the rear end doesn’t match the front end smoothness

2) It’s far from slow on the road

3) Apex AXS is extremely good. Really don’t know how or why SRAM made this. It’s at least as good at shifting and braking as Force and is like 150g heavier for half the price.

4) Loved having a top tube bag.

5) Lauf frame is built really well. Quite impressed.

6) The 40t/11-44t gearing is a weird quandary. The steps between gears were not a problem like I expected. In fact, they were pleasant. However, the top gear was nowhere near tall enough. I spent a lot of time toward the bottom of the cassette and I honestly think I would probably do the same in most gravel events. I was spinning out (for me about 120-125rpm on downhills) at around 33-34mph. I hit 50mph a couple of times and on the flats was often in the 40/12t.

I don’t really want to lose much of the low end, but definitely need more top end. So, I’ve got two options:

1) e13 9-45t with a 44t chainring. This would be an economical way to go and I would preserve reasonable steps between gears. I’m worried about the shifting performance and not so much a fan of actually using a 9 tooth cog

2) GX Transmission set-up with a 48t chainring. Shifting should be great and it’s a very versatile set up. However it’s expensive and I’m worried about the jumps between gears.

Which would you all choose?

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by Weenie

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by andy4g63

Assuming you can install Transmission, even if it is reg GX AXS, 46t chainring and 10-52, cassette. All the gear ratios you'll need IMO.

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by LedZeppelin007

Ugh, Tapatalk still doing weird things.

I’m going to get Transmission. Oddly, the calculator doesn’t allow for anything bigger than a 40t on the front. For my bike it says to use 118 links for chain length for 38-40t chainrings. Presumably, I can add a half link for each additional tooth, right? So, for 48t, I’d be looking at 122 links?

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