36cm traditional bend aero bar - DIY?

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by Fabianinduplo

Hhhhmmm, I always liked WR. Some nice products.

Overall my experience so far is not very encouraging. The summary so far:

1. Rob English declined
2. The German aluminium welder declined yesterday
3. No reply from Speeco --> I will try again as this one-off opportunity sounds great and I have seen one on instagram, so they exist :D !
4. No reply from Mythos
5. The German carbon guys require a frankly outrageous price --> I might discuss with them if I can sponsor the tooling and then get a share of revenues / profits in return
6. The EXS cockpit, although excellent quality / finish / specs on paper, is just too bulky looking for my taste
7. Jure - as always - is brilliant. He will send me a 36cm c-t-c Ritchey bar back soon so I can get started on my BMC TMR01

So after a few weeks I'm left with few options:
- have one-offs mady by Jure
- get through to Speeco
- heavily invest in tooling if the German guys are interested

Is it possible to have a poll here how much people would be paying for a traditional bend aero bar with 38 and / or 36 cm width? Just think of an aero Zipp SL 88 with forward sweep top section like this:


micky wrote:
Sat Feb 25, 2023 11:17 pm
Fabianinduplo wrote:
Fri Jan 13, 2023 4:32 pm
We have some progress:


Lets see how this works out!

Thank you all for the kind and productive feedback and information so far!
Time ago I got in touch with the guy managing WR Compositi bike section and asked about a traditional bend bar (not aero) in carbon as they are difficult to get.
He said they still have molds and could be possible to get something done.
No idea if by any chance they would be able to manage an areo version.

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by physeter

I really like the idea and would be interested , however in the era of integrated cockpit and short reach/shallow drop bars, sounds like a utopia

by Weenie

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by Kurt1980

Please post photos of the modified Streem bar when you have it. I have also been driving myself batty looking for an aero bar at 36cm wide. Different issues around integrating nicely with an older frame, but generally disappointed that there's not much out there.

Curious to see how this turns out.

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