New 23mm Conti Attack/Force on Cervelo S5

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by cajer

Has anyone used the new 23/25mm conti attack/force tires on a standard side rim (zipp firestrike 17.5/26.4 internal external) on a Cervelo S5 gen 1 (2012)? I’m wondering if they would fit.

If not does someone know how wide they measure?

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by CyclingGiraffe

I don't know about your particular combination, but I have the current 23/25 conti attack/force on slightly narrower rims than yours (older Mavic Cosmic Carbone SL) and they do bulge a bit. I would say that the casings are pretty close, if not identical, to the older GP4000SII. I've had both the GP4000SII and the newer GP5000 and the Attack/Force is very similar to the older, wider, tires.

by Weenie

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