Issue with 4iiii left side power meter

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by Diehard

Ange wrote:
Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:40 pm
Hello guys,

I have same problem as yours, Code 20 with my leftcrank 4iii specialized, wrong datas...

I have bought some silver paste for electronics components, better conductivity with this kind of stuff, 9 euros on many websites with a little sting to apply properly.
Try to stick the middle area gold connector with some silver paste to have a better conductivity with the battery CR2032
Let it dry 10 hours then, mount back the CR2032.
It worked for me, hope it can help someone in this planet :-D
Excellent! Now I have another person to confirm the fix. Please do report if it is permanent fix.

by Weenie

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by Dannnnn

I recently picked up a used 4iiii left sided PM.
Was on facebook marketplace as "not working" as the seller couldn't get it to connect to his garmin.

Bought it for £20 inc postage and when i received it, I have cleaned the contacts and bent them up a little bit and everything seems to be working.
Connects to my phone and wahoo, and needed a firmware update which all went well.

Checked it on my turbo against my Assioma duo pedals and the readings were within a few watts of each other.

Hopefully I don't get any issues.

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