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by alexanderp1991

I sent my xpro 10 in for warranty (the cover fell off and bearings failed), first they sent me some xpresso 2 and when I complained they aren't the same pedal they just refunded me. They must have really cleared out the stock for the main UK distributor to not have any xpro left.
A little annoyed as I now have to buy from elsewhere at full retail price when it sounds like they are about to be dropped or revised.

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by AJS914

Trying to repurpose a topic.

My Xpresso pedal seems to have failed. The iClic mechanism on the right side doesn't engage fully and my foot feels wobbly on the pedal. I see iClic ratchets available as a spare part. Is that all that is typically needed?

https://www.coloradocyclist.com/time-xp ... lack-qty-2

Also, I saw a video on youtube where the person simply removed the iClick mechanism from Time Pedals. Apparently the pedals still work fine though it's harder to click in.

by Weenie

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