Campag Bora One 35mm clincher weight

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by liam7020

Wheels arrived from Wiggle, very nice indeed! Bang on the money at 1395g. Thanks for the info all.
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by Weenie

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by graeme_f_k

liam7020 wrote:Thanks for the replies guys. Ordered a set of Dark Label from Wiggle last night so hopefully they should be here in a few days and I'll post the weights asap. Do Campag provide brake pads with these wheels? If not, what's the preferred choice? Cheers.

Use the red pads. Anything else will void the warranty and previous experience has shown that damage to the rims is common with many of the alternatives that people try.
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by tommasini

Besides the potential damage and warranty issues......the campy red pads are awesome. I remember when they first came out that several non campy sponsored teams were quietly using them too .......but that didn't escape the pit area journalists....

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by Gearjunkie

Agree, they are awesome. My previous favourite was the Reynolds blue but these are better. Slightly more bite (without being sticky like Swisstop yellow) if a little noisier than the Reynolds.

But where to buy them online? They are hard to find here in NZ and equally hard to find online... :cry: :oops: :roll:

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by apricotwalnut

did you choose 35mm? or 50mm?
i've been also considering rim height between both.
i'm heavy rider(85kg) and most of riding is flat (more than 60~70%)
do you think 35mm is best choice?

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by stockae92

danbjpa wrote:Image

That's a lot of digits after the decimal :shock:

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by irongatsby

Apologies for digging up a 6 year old thread, but I just wanted to share how badly overweight my set of Bora Ultra 35 AC3 Clinchers are. I got a new old stock set manufactured in 2018 from 365 Cycles, and it turns out the front wheel weighs 622 grams (claimed 575g) and the rear weighs 807 grams (claimed 785g); a whopping 69 grams overweight for the set! At 1429 grams, that's equivalent to the claimed weight for a set of Ultra 50s lol.. I even checked my scale against several other components, and I'm pretty certain the scale is just fine.

Has anyone else seen an outrageously portly examples of these wheels?


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by octav

Strange, usually Bora are like 5-15 grams less than quoted :D
On the rear, you have Campa or Shimano freehub?

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by irongatsby

Hi Octav,

It's a Campagnolo freehub, and yes, I was expecting something like you said. Still beautiful wheels, but I feel cheated lol. I've had all kinds of Campagnolo products like so many others here, and every single one of those components were almost dead on with the manufacturer's claim, so this was a rude awakening to say the least.

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by fogman

I dug up my notes on my Bora One 35 rim brake wheels and they weighed in at:

Front = 587 g
Rear = 803 g

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by blutto

...about brake pads....please note that yes indeed Campagnolo does include brake pads, but some retailers, such as Wiggle, where I bought my Bora 35's, do not...and why ?....even after getting in contact with Wiggle, no reasonable explanation, and no I'm thinking they are just a small mom and pop store just trying to survive and selling the pads that come with the wheelset out the back door is the only way they can scrape by...and I ended up feeling sorry for them and just let it go...hope they survive....

....btw the wheels are still awesome several years down the road......highly recommended......and furthermore the Campy carbon specific brake pads are great, rain or shine ( read, they easily make the tires the weakest link in the braking system in almost all conditions... )....


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