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by Tillquist

It would be fun to see what we buy for our various sports, large or small, expensive or cheap ....

I've got the idea from and there is tremendous time in the thread, we can also get if you are on to it........ :P
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by Weenie

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by Tillquist

Today I got those...

Campagnolo Record 175mm 53/39

New Ultimate Carbon Bottle Cage
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by lordconqueror

And thowing my hat in the "cheap" ring... I am expecting a Centaur derailleur, a cheap Torelli stem, two KMC chains, and a used KCNC 12-25 cassette to steal cogs from.

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by M_b•

damn... this thread is going to be BAAAAD! ... now I covet those new ultimate cages!

Maybe the title of the thread should be:

"What have you seen here on weightweenies, had no idea you even wanted it let alone need it, and now have paid a nice hefty sum of money to have it"
"Look at the bike part... you are getting sleepy... when you wake up, you will realize you need to buy it"
"nanananana look at what I have that you don't - I know you want it"

OK OK - damnit - off to find those cages... maybe I'll post my picture later...

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by gandini

Well, this thread is about a week too late for me...I've been calling Jason at FWB every week for the last 4 and melting plastic at an alarming rate, but this is a slow week. Today I ordered a 130 BCD 41 tooth Stronglight chainring from xxcycles (in Euros no less!) When it gets here it will be used with my 11-23 and 50tooth bigring to bring my gear range into perfect alignment with my fitness level and the weight of my bike. Howz that for justification?

Last week: Black Nokons to replace my silver ones for more stealth, Tune AC14s (in black) to replace my aging Control Tech non-quick releases, a KMC SL (225g actual weight) and some Al bolts for my Cinelli RAM.

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by QuattroAssini

Sram Red 11-26 cassette
Dura-Ace 7800 Right Shifter (used lightly)
Spesh Roubaix Bar Tape (red)
New cables

Updated my bike to 10s and put new bar tape and cables while I was at it.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Well, on Saturday I picked up a white R3... read about here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=61606
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Oldie but goodie: De Rosa Professional Slx, Campagnolo C-Record...
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by prendrefeu

I'm in München as I write this, at the end of a 12 day jaunt through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I didn't pick up too much, but so far:

-Backyard jersey (Zurich)
-Starbike jersey (Wien)
-checkered shoe covers (Wien)
-Ultra-light rain jacket in "i'm annoyingly bright so you can see me" yellow (Berlin)

...and hopefully today: Catlike Whisper helmet(s) from München, if the store ordered them while I was visiting other areas.

Edit: I should also add, a bit off topic, that I saw a Cervelo R3 SL built up with all sorts of "light" parts on it, including a Scalpula and full Red at Stadler, a mega-store in berlin, going for 7000Euro. It weight 5,4kg. Featured full carbon-everything, saddle, nokon, neg.g brakes, etc:. The works. I instantly thought: "that's it?! I can make it lighter." :twisted:
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by nathanm

Well, once my credit card bill was posted and I knew a new credit cycle had started :o , I finished ordering what I needed for my Super Six:

Alpha Q ProLite Seatpost 31.6 350mm
3t Arx Team Stem 100mm (white stripe from excel sports)
Yokozuna Reaction Cable set (to replace stock SRAM cables)
Ultegra 6700 Cassette (not needed, but wanted for the new bike)

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by Murphs



Loving them both, especially the shoes!
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by chickenkiev

Chain breaker and Lock-ring remover; Dura-ace chain and 12-25 cassette

yep, hill training for this ( ... ACE250.htm) starts on saturday :D
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by Tapeworm


Oh, FINALLY! Waited nearly 2 months for this thing to show up. Soon to go on a new Bianchi...
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by mds

Today I bought some Pro Bars, Whole Berry Blast. Organic, tasty but kind of pricy. 350 calories, 85 grams.

Last week I bought an SRM too! Does that count? It'll be a couple weeks before it arrives. Awaiting parts from Germany.

Oh and yesterday I ordered 4 Pro3's from Wiggle. Been getting only 1200 miles on the rears. Doing too much climbing, I suppose. :D
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

Not quite what I bought today but hopefully they should arrive today!!

A set of look pedals from starnut 8)

some brake cable guides for my C40. Unfortunately they've sent me stops instead... :cry:

A tub of Torq chocolate orange recovery powder
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by Starter


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I will ride my road bike less
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by Weenie

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