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by HighCotton

3T Doric LTD seatpost
Fizik Antares Kium Saddle
Campagnolo Carbon Post Clamp
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by mr_tim

Campag Chorus 11/23 cassette
Exposure Strada front light & rear bolt on

by Weenie

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legs 11
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by legs 11

A new Simplon Lumen alloy frame that I don't really need......... 8) :lol:
It's going to replace this peice of junk BMC promachine I've been riding for the last year or so.
I've decide I want to go back to something stiffer as the BMC is a noodle.
The price of the Simplon was a major factor in me buying it too, as it was crazy cheap.
Should have landed at Heathrow cargo terminal last night.
Photos to come in the next few days. :thumbup:
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by Wingnut

Slowly converting my 853 hardtail mtb into a tourer.

Ordered some FT & RR Tubus stainless steel racks & 2 x pairs of Ortlieb pannier bags.

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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

legs 11 wrote:Photos to come in the next few days. :thumbup:

I'll look forward to see yet anothr Simplon on this board! I can't imagine you won't be more than satisfied with the Simplon!

Techn writer at Velomore Denmark

My Simplon Pavo II

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by tochnics

@ legs11: is it that noodly? how mucg do you weigh and with what would you compare it with ?

@wingnut: mtb s make perfect use for commuting and traveling and such
few brand make their traveling bikes 26 inch anyway and i love my mbt for using riding around town
do you have another mtb for ofroad traveling only, proberly do :D
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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Just got two Ti bolts for the shift/brakelever mount. Just saved 3 grams.

(i'm stil dreaming of that cf frame though)
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by mvogt46

HED Stinger 6 Flamme Rouge wheels.

Got them from the Aus distributer at US parity prices. I initialy ordered the standard Stinger 6's, but some guy ordered the FR's and changed his mind at the last minute for some standard Jet 6's. So he offered me these for an extra AU$50. (yes that is a $50, not a typo). So of course I said yes straight away.

Total weight without skewers was a little over claimed at 1318g.

Also in the mail to go with the new wheels were a pair of Evo CX II's 23mm, swiss stop yellow pads, conti giro tubular (to be carried as a spare while riding to races in case of a flat), 40mm Vittoria valve extenders, and 2 x tubes of Mastik 1

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by HighCotton

HED Ardennes
Vittoria Open Corsa EVO CX 320 TPI tires
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by rustychain

3 pair of the new Vittoria tubulars and the new Assos bibs. It's now safe to suck my wheel again. No more holes in my bibs :beerchug:
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by AdamsSLC01

TIME RTM Stem for my VXRS:

The cap inside is removeable...does it need to stay there? Or is it just for them to help identify at a glance which size the stem is?

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by deepsky

I'm living up the weenie part of weight weenie...I traded up my 105 RD and cassette for a XT RD and cassette (with new chain to accomodate the wider cassette) 'cause I am a total wuss at hills. :thumbup:

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by Szczuldo


my purchase for the day. From the look and feel of it, it should be a comfortable saddle. I'll just make sure to bring an allen key with me on the first couple of rides :lol:
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by WideAMG

nice saddle. is it padded like the Arione K1?

had these installed today.
should help me achieve my land speed goal.
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by Weenie

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