Outside Inc layoffs

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by Fisherfreerider

I tend to read Wielerflits these days and translate it.

by Weenie

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by maquisard

The re-launch has begun,


I wish them well - CyclingTips is dead now and I will happily pay them $99 a year for the same great team.

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by jever98

Signed up, too!
No longer in the industry

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Curious George
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by Curious George

Done as well

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by MrCurrieinahurry

This is great news

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by kode54

I signed up as well to support a great group!
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Steve K
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by Steve K

Was Lennard Zinn part of the Outside Inc layoffs as well? I may have always disagreed with a lot of the advice that he gave with regards to "compatibility" across manufacturers, but I always looked forward to his weekly column.

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by Butcher

It does sound like great news......and it all started because of a layoff. Sometimes a lot of good comes when a company changes. Especially for their ex-employees. It's not all doom and gloom. Looks like we will all win.

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by Maximilian

I've also signed up and seen a few WW names in the discord. I'm MaxG over there

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

I'm on there as Eric H. Very happy to support them and move things forward.

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