Garmin Edge 500 Battery Replacement - How to / DIY / Guide

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by 9tarmac

Great thread, thanks for the info.

by Weenie

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by finnrambo

Thanks! Now I just have to figure out if it's possible to program in custom notification sounds...
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by outnumbered

Juanmoretime wrote:Thank you for.honoring my request! :wink:

Now this is what weight weenies is all about.

It's a very useful post for sure.

For many more WW points he could have mentioned the weight difference between the two batteries though :)

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by kelly07

very good skill

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by Chiva

I'd like to thank you Prendrefeu for starting this thread and giving such a detailed step by step set of instructions. I did this last night without any problems thanks to your pictures and instructions. I really appreciate all the great members of this forum.

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by NoS

thanks for the info :)

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by droid1973

Thanks for the guide!

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by Milese

Ive got a Garmin Edge 500 that was replaced outside of warranty (presumably for a refurb) about 12 months ago.

In the last week the battery usage has suddenly become awful, and the temperature is reading about 12 degrees C too hot.

Since charging on Wednesday it was completely flat within less than 3.5 hours of use, and this morning it used 29% of the battery in 40 minutes.

Ive done a bit of googling and can see that battery replacement is possibly DIY, but it sounds like that solves the problem of gradual battery decline for old batteries. Others who have reported the temperature problem have changed the battery and the problem has stayed, presumably because the problem is linked to some error in the unit causing high battery drain that both flattens it and heats it up.

Any advice? Ill do a master reset later, but dont hold much hope.

This is my 3rd failed Garmin, and Im loath to pay for another out of warranty replacement if this one is terminal. Are the 510s more reliable?

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by Markmoddy

Very helpful cheers

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by gilco

just what I was looking for ... thanks

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by Jesper64

I don't have a Garmin 500 but always love to see tear down guides. Thanks :thumbup:

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by tr85858

Any new sourced for edge 500 batteries with higher capacity than original?

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by boramee

Awesome. A very nice guide, thanks! :-)

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by gmboy

How wonderful! It is really helpful. If I have a problem with my garmin 500, I'm gonna see this thread.

by Weenie

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by RedCoke

Billiant! How aobut 810? Is almost same?

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