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Traveling with a bike. Bike Box reviews. Bike travel hacks. Organized Bike Events, Gran Fondos, and Cycling Destinations. Self-Promotion of upcoming events welcome.

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by maxim809

This is a place to talk and share about traveling to new places with your bike. Three major themes.

1. Finding a Ride
Sometimes life takes you to new places. Or you find yourself traveling somewhere and you think why not take my bike or rent one? This is a place to tap into local knowledge for:
  • Routes
  • Famous segments and climbs
  • The best cafes and coffee shops
  • How to dress for a given season
  • Group Rides
  • Meet-ups
  • And whatever your curious mind ponders
Click the appropriate region above and go!

Helpful things to consider including when sharing:
  • Route Link to Strava, MayMyRide, RideWithGPS, Komoots, etc
  • Photos of iconic segments
  • Google Maps View of tricky junctions or turns

2. Traveling and Flying with your bike
Are you flying and want to compare notes on bike boxes, bike shipping services, or places with the best rentals? Got questions on public transit rules & etiquette for bikes, but don't understand the local language? Ask away here.
  • When asking for advice or commenting on Bike Box threads, please specify your Bike Type, Bike Size, or Brand and Model of your bike. Example: Trek Madone (Rim)/54cm or Rockhopper/Small or Large CX Bike

3. Major Events, Cycling Tourism, and Cycling Destination Talk
Out there in the brave new world are world famous cycling destinations, roads less traveled, and hidden undiscovered gems.

Gran Fondos, Organized Touring trips, Cycling-Friendly Hotels and Hostels.... share and chat about everything under the sun here!


I'm traveling to a new region and have basic questions about routes, hotels, bike shops. Should I post in the general Bike Travel forum, or in the Region-Specific sub-forum?
If you have a region-based question that does not necessarily apply to Finding a Ride or Meet-ups, feel free to post in the general Bike Travel board. This is a brand new board and we are figuring it out too, so don't sweat it and just post organically. We can structure and organize topics later.

Is there a minimum requirement for posting in the Find A Ride/Meet-up Forum?
Similar to Marketplace, you must have a minimum of 30 high-quality posts and be an active member for a minimum of 1 month.

Like Marketplace, posts by members that do not live up to these rules will be removed by the moderators. If we find you spamming in order to increase your post count you will get one warning. If we find you doing that a second time you will get banned for a period of time and lose your post count.

Lastly, all rides and travel opinions are at the rider's own risk should they decide to take it, and WW is not liable for accidents or damage.

Stay safe and have fun.

by Weenie

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