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by 208

looking for a set of thin arm warmers. got a pair of "rapha thermal arm warmers" and a set of santini basic warmers. they're really quite similar. but i'm looking for something thinner like a thinner microfleece perhaps. any recommendations?

by Weenie

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by SaladhOlivier

I've been looking at Gobik Haru for some time, but they unfortunately haven't have them in my size, so I opted out for Assos Spring Fall ones. Those are thin and worked well in Tenerife, especially on the west side of the island.

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by voicycle

I find merino breathes much better than any kind of thermal fabric so that could be a solution for you. It's often thinner than the synthetic thermal stuff too. The Rapha ones are a good shout if you already have and like their other warmers, but I'm sure there are less expensive options out there too.

If you really want to go thin thin then try searching instead for 'arm sleeves,' 'arm screens,' or 'aero arm warmers'. Some of those products are just meant to be a UV sun barrier and some are meant to be aerodynamic, which means they're all much thinner and less warm. I have the Nopinz ones (because at my level I couldn't justify the cost of both a long and short sleeve skinsuit) and I think they'd probably fit your description. They are identical fabric to the sleeves of the skinsuits so they have no insulation and the only warmth they really provide is a bit of wind protection, but if you're looking for thin then that's probably enough.

Of the ones I have I'd choose the Rapha merino ones for comfort any day and I feel like they suit the biggest range of temperatures. The Nopinz ones are really only for the possibility of a fast early-season race or a really cold start to a long race. I don't think I've even pulled my more traditional nanoflex ones out of the drawer in the last 4 years - if it's cold enough for those I'm just wearing long sleeves.

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by 208

great gonna check em all out, cheers. i live in merino t shirts because i don't stink like butthole in them, so i'm keen to sus those out

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by mendiz

Assos have summer arm warmers in black and white versions, they are awesome to ride between 14-22ºC.
The Spring version in black colour only is warmer although not so warm like old version. I ride between 9 or 10-18 ºC
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by MrRolandos

I've got Assos Spring Fall Arm Warmers and Arm foil. Both are quite thin. Not fleece or anything like that.

Foil is perfect when its a bit warmer. Usually I use them starting from 13-14C. I've got the leg, knee and arm warmers from foil. All perfect, perfect fit for me too.

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by Mocs123

I'm interested in this too, as I have a set of "cold" weather warmer the Pearl Izumi Elite warmers that work great, and a set of Galibier thin warmers but they don't fit me great, so I'm looking for something better fitting but good for 10-15*C rides (the PI's are much too warm). I was looking at the Castelli Pro Seamless Arm Warmers.
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by Weenie

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