Bib help needed. anything decent for around 100e?

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by tireheb

i dont have the biggest budget, sadly 200e bibs are out of my price range. is there good stuff near the 100e range?
i have a castelli competizione and its ok but i find the padding to be too soft (i think, cause for 3+hr rides my ass hurts). i also tried a siroko but the padding was weird and my sitbones actually ended beeing outside of it. im also short so shorter bibs are preffered, i once got some DHB but they where just too long (165cm tall riders will understand).

anyway, i would really love to try some q36.5 or some nice assos but 180+e is way too high. maybe i can catch brands like this on discount somewhere/sometime? i dont know what sites to check really. im located in spain. thanks for the time, its just a so big universe of bibs that im totally lost. and sorry if my english aint the best.

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by 208

Gonso sqlab can be hard on amazon de for about 70eur I think. They're really nice.

by Weenie

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by BikeEatSleepRepeat

I've never tried them, but friends say the Neo Pro bibs are good for the money. $60-70.

"The Black Bibs" might be another good option. $40-80.

Not sure what you'd pay for shipping to Spain.

Santini is my bib go-to brand, and for a little more than 100 you will likely get on very well with their kit.

If you ask me, Q36.5 is overrated, and ASSOS isn't what it used to be (the former head of ASSOS design actually runs Q36.5). Not saying either is especially bad, just not any kind of value proposition.

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by warthog101

Dhb aeron come up on special at Wiggle or crc at times. Work well for me in a M at 184cm and 76kg. ... shorts-2-0
I have neo pro size M also. Ok for shorter rides but the chamois is quite thin.

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by AJS914

I like Assos. I just hunt for super sales and usually pick up shorts for $125-150. I get many years of use out a pair so they seem economical in that regard.

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by mogwaiboi

BikeInn is a good choice, especially if you are in Spain. I've ordered plenty of items with them delivered to Australia with no issues.

Pedla are my number 1, but only when they are on discount....maybe out of your price range though...

Giordana FRC Pro are my next favourite, I got my last few pairs from eBay ... =bikesp0rt

You say Castelli doesn't work but I got the Unlimited Cargo Bibshort recently and they work super well for me. 5 hour gravel rides and I don't even notice them, and I got them for $135AUD!

My advice would be to look for anything with a high end Elastic Interface chamois eg DHB, Society Cycling and La Passione.
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Odlo Men's Zeroweight Chill-Tec Pro Bib Shorts can be found on discount, pad/chamois is Elastic Interface Ronde HP Men: ... g-bottoms/ ... de-hp-men/ ... 22372.html

On 165 cm height (you didn't write weight) it's probably size XS or S (I'm 183 cm, 80 kg, size M, very close-fitting).

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by WouldLikeToBeLighter

I'm a fan of Bioracer, their bibs (Icon) are around €80. I've had quite a few pairs of Assos in the past but prefer the Bioracer and them being much less expensive doesn't hurt.

If last year is to be repeated then they will have a Black Friday sale in November, so I'll probably pick up a couple of pairs then.

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by gorkypl

Worth waiting for promos for sure. La Passione is definitely a very good price/performance brand, especially when on sale.

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by C36

I would keep saying Virklon,
- best Elastic interface pad available
- can customise everything, design but also length, grip types..
- should be sub 100€ (edit 83€ std Colors, 89 custom Colors, the cut customisation is free)
The cons is they need to manufacture it so doesn’t happen overnight.

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by CampagYOLO

Strava challenges are often a good source of vouchers for good kit and usually very easy to attain.
I've got some pairs of Le Col Pro bib shorts and each were bought in their sale for under £100 using a Strava voucher.

I see this month there's vouchers available for Castelli and MAAP.

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by fatpinarellorider

You could try Pearl Izumi quest/attack. Entry level shorts. I don't have the bib version but they are okay for the money.
The quality of the brand is definitely not what it used to be however. :|

I have tried both Assos & Q36.5 — are they three times more comfortable? Probably not. :noidea:

EDIT: what size are you? Small or what?

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by bsharp77

Your price range is perfect for a top level pair of shorts.

I'll echo the comments made about Bioracer - excellent shorts, very comfroatable and good fit, well within budget.

LeCol are also very good. Just get the Pro version rather than Sport version.
They often have a sale on and you can couple this with a Strava discount code to get them at a very good price.
I now have 4 pairs picked up over the past few years and they are excellent.

Others to consider which are very good:
Rapha Core - they have gone up a little in price over the last couple of years, but still one of the best fitting and most comfortable pair of bibs ive had
Galibier - superb bibs at a really competitve price. I have used the Equipe for years and they now have a Grand Tour version which I intend to try as my next purchase.

There will be many deals to be had coming into sales season and Black Friday, so you will be able to pick up whatever you need at a great price.

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by tireheb

hello people! thanks for all the input, i digging through all. by the way in 53kg 165cm, usually i try to go with XS. this sometimes gets weird, for instance somebrands like castelli sometimes dont even put XS info in their sizing charts. and a lot of times its not available in stock.
in the past i used some cheap stuff from alixpress, and in those chinese sizes im S, cause their XS is extremly small.

anyway i was thinking on quoting post by post but i think it wont be so good for anyone.
i just found some bioracer icon on rebate (ok, they are ineos team ones, and of course i would preffer plain black but for 44e its super cheap.)
so im going with one of those. this on their official site if anyone is interested.

Odlo seems nice but couldnt find XS size. i will wait for black friday to buy 2 more pairs, not sure what yet. In merlin cycles the castelli aero rc is half price thinking on getting one. has anyone tested them vs the competizione?

checking Virklon also. interesting.

again million thanks for all the info

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by BdaGhisallo

One thing to consider is that higher end bibs can often outlast the cheaper, lower-end ones. I wear Assos bibs and can easily get two to three years out of a pair, in a rotation of three bibs, before they start to show any real signs of age.

by Weenie

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