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by Nick38

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by wooger

Mr.Gib wrote:
Sun Jan 31, 2021 6:54 pm
Regarding breathability, my sense is that the Polatec Neoshell of the Sportful breathes a bit better then any of the other Winstopper type products that provide similar protection from the wind.
100% agree, I have the Fiandre Pro I think, and kept it over the equivalent Perfetto, which moved from Neoshell to Gore Infinium a year or 2 ago, and which seems much worse to me.

by Weenie

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by Greeners

I have mostly Sportful kit in my cycling wardrobe. I have found that their sizing has shrunk slightly in last few years. I was a Large in their bibs, but the last garment I bought was tighter than usual. I'd probably pick up L & XL next time & return what does not fit. I am quite thin build & slender body shape, certainly not a L in my other clothes. Gotta love Sportful kit though, well thought out, nice quality & generally good choice of colours & patterns. No Scorpion here!

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by joesch

I really like Sportful and have been using their kit for training and racing for the last 10+ years. The textile design of their jerseys is pretty good and I actually like their trial and error every season (less so in recent years)... even if most of those ideas do not make it into their regular portfolio longer term (like their air bibs, the RnD collection, etc.).

The look is probably not as "up to date" as other brands and still gives some classic cycling look vibes. But I am okay with that. The manufacturing quality is so-so - I have had a few bibs arrive with poor stitching over the years. So I check the bibs very carefully when they arrive. If the quality is okay, they are pretty durable.

As far as temperatures go, everyone has to test the kit for themselves. It depends too much on individual perception, riding style and local conditions. A cold, dry, sunny winter day can feel warmer than a wet, windy spring day, even if the measured temperatures are 10 degrees apart. And I wear short bibtights when racing in 5-8 degrees, but would definitely freeze to death on a long endurance ride without lightly insulated bibtights with a brushed lining.

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