Is it ever okay to wear team kit?

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by Cycomanic

CAAD8FRED wrote:
Sat Aug 29, 2020 8:33 pm
Cycomanic wrote:
Sat Aug 29, 2020 8:23 pm
To those of you who would say it doesn't matter if someone wears the yellow jersey, rainbow stripes... (let's not get to team jerseys). What would you think of people wearing replica medals, or veteran's uniforms or firefighter uniforms or a PhD gown at a graduation (without having the PhD)?
Let me rephrase this

For those of you who are ok with a rando wearing a jersey from a sports team, how would you feel about people lying about their profession especially if your life was on the line?

Grow up. A jersey and a job are not comparable. Stop being a blowhard. If you see someone wearing a WC jersey and cannot tell if its Mads or not then mind your business. Many of you would be faster if you kept your head down and rode your bike instead of being traditionalists. I don't see you in wool socks on a steel bike, does that mean you aren't a purist or real cyclist?
Medals or PhD gowns or veteran's uniforms are not indicators of profession (I specifically left out professional jerseys).

by Weenie

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by Ramiarna

While I dont wear pro team jerseys, mainly because I prefer the simpler monocolored style, I don't see why it's a bad thing. Anyone can wear anything. If I wear a team Ineos jersey I am positive no one will confuse me with Chris Froome or an actual pro.

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by cauchy

I found that pro team jerseys don’t often fit my mesomorph torso type. They are made for skinny guys with no chest and no shoulders, hence I need to buy 1-2 size bigger jerseys.

Also I dont like the texts like Cycling, Racing... yeah ofc it’s cycling, not diving! And I dont race so Racing is funny on me

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by rudye9mr

If quality and price makes sense...yup...

Other sports are ok with fans / mortals wearing their gear...why should cycling be any different?

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by On3

Yes, it is.

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by ParisCarbon

Wear what you want.. does anyone complain about wearing your favorite NHL, NFL, or Pro Soccer teams jersey? Its all the same deal...

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by FactoryMatt

team jerseys > the Rapha or PNS Seasonal Uniform(TM)

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by gravity

Team Jumbo Visma’s jersey is pretty sleek if you asked me.

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by uraqt

Since this was reanimated...from 2006 I can't remeber if I posted...old team kits are cheaper that is why I wear them...I usually get 3 or so on sale for 50% or more off


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by mendiz

The answer of ASJ914 is the final answer.
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by guadzilla

AJS914 wrote:
Fri Dec 06, 2019 4:18 am
Ride the bike you want. Wear the jersey you like. Nobody cares except for a couple of wankers that look at what other people are doing and pass judgement.
Amen. I generally dont wear any team kit (except a vintage Molteni and I may pick a Omega Pharma at some point cos I am a fan of Boonen) but if someone else wants to wear a full team kit or even a yellow jersey, have at it. If it makes you happy, it's all good and anyone who gets bent out of shape over something like can FOAD.

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by wintershade

Yes, Halloween.

Would you shoot hoops in your driveway dressed up as your favorite NFL player. Would you show up to your buddies house to watch NFL game dressed up in full pads.

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by AJS914

Shooting hoops in pads would be weird.

It's funny that people go ape shite for a Colnago C40 in the world championship colorway but they give people a hard time for wearing a jersey.

These attitudes are exactly why cycling is a backwater sport. Riders and teams would benefit if people wanted to buy and wear the jerseys. But the teams change their names every 2-3 years and don't build brand identity.

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by Nickldn

I wear an old Sunweb Giant Alpecin jersey from time to time (it's an Extenodo and wicks sweat better than any other jersey I have).

The irony of a man nearing middle age wearing an Alpecin advert does not escape me......but I ride a Giant bike and have hair, so it's ok. :D
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by Vuong05

Wear whatever you want, as long as you are riding your bike. I have some hilarious jerseys, that were given to me by my nephew (pokemon and cookie monster designs... lol) that I wear all the time. The odd cyclists will give me a weird look or laugh at it... that is until I drop the hammer on their ass and blow them away. If you want to match your whole kit, go ahead. If you want to wear team kits, go ahead. Just get out and ride your bike and have fun doing it.
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by Weenie

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