Tumble drying cycling kit

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by xcnick

My commute is about to go from 5 mile daily to 30 mile daily so I’ll Either have to buy tonnes more kit or try and get it washed and dried fast (not easy)
Does anyone tumble dry their kit without any harm?

by Weenie

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by FIJIGabe

My kits usually dry within a couple of hours if I park it in front of a fan. It doesn't hurt to buy more kits, but I wouldn't stress about it. Wash it when you get home and put it in front of a fan for a couple of hours and you'll be fine.

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by AJS914

I hand wash my stuff most days. I hang it in the shower to dry and it's always dry the next day. And there's nothing wrong with tossing kit into the dryer for 5 or 10 minutes if needed. I prefer low temperatures.

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by bilwit

I put it in the washing machine and hang it in the shower. It's completely dry in the morning. Not an issue.

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by robertbb

Good luck trying to get it dry quickly if it's merino. Biggest sham for active wear, ever. Massively overhyped.

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by xcnick

I should have said I’m in the UK! Winter is coming and hanging out to dry works for like short sleeve jerseys but winter tights and thicker stuff is always damp the next day even with the hearing on! I have used a hairdryer on chamois before :-)
Putting a fan in front of it is a good idea though, I hadn’t thought of that.

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by probertsqbe

If you’ve got the room in your house purchase an electric clothes rail such as https://www.lakeland.co.uk/21873/Dry:So ... 03104604:s

We’ve got one in our house and it works great and are gentler on your clothes than tumble drying. Really useful in the UK.

It’s always used full to have more kit though.

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by supertemp

We hang our kit on one of those indoor hanging frames, in a small room with a dehumidifier. Works great and always dry by morning, both Winter and Summer gear.

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by RTW

Don't tumble dry cycling kit. You will ruin it.

I can always tell when ANYTHING has been tumbledried, as the stitching shrinks always. We can see it with warranty items (of course, everyone always washed everything at 30 degrees or by hand, so they tell us). It damages the materials, and the glues. Chamois pads aren't designed to be dried in this way either. It dramatically shortens the life of the garment.

To dry something fast, lie a towel out on the ground. Now lie your garment on this. Now roll up the towel with the garment inside. Wring it out a bit and the moisture will transfer from the garment to the towel. Hang up as normal.

Oh, and buy additional kit. You can always keep a dry kit at work to use on the way home.

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by mattr

xcnick wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:48 am
I should have said I’m in the UK!
first Brit I've heard of with only one set of winter kit.

Even when I was (almost) on minimum wage I had two sets for commuting and one for training. (Mostly paid for by not having a car or bus fares!)
Mostly in horrifically unfashionable colours.

Dehumidifier with built in circulation fan works for us now. (Wash room is in the basement, and not well ventilated.)

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by xcnick

I never said I had one set of winter kit! I have several but when you’re used to Assos winter tights at £150+ the cost really adds up when buying more stuff.

The post above about not using tumble dryers clarifies that-thanks. The Electric aired looks like a good option, I’ve never seen those. Probably the best solution.

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by MayhemSWE

The only kit I tumble dry are DWR treated garments like softshell jackets where the instructions tells you to do it.

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by IrrelevantD

If you have a medium to high end dryer (IE: with a front load washer set) that can hold a medium temeprature without any hot spots on the drum, you should be OK in the machine with it set to medium or permanent press setting.

RTW mentioned ruining kits due to shrinking stitching, etc, and this absolutely can and will hapen if you dry it too hot. I have ruined some kits this way, but I have had absolutely no problems putting even my high end kits in the dryer at low-medium heat.

That being said... you *should* go by whatever the mfg puts on the tag.
* There is a 70% chance that what you have just read has a peppering of cynicism or sarcasm and generally should not be taken seriously.
I'll leave it up to you to figure out the other 30%. If you are in any way offended, that's on you.

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by kbbpll

RTW's towel trick works. I have observed my wife & mother-in-law doing this with the unmentionables. I'm too lazy to do it with kit, but we live in a dry climate and it's bone dry in a couple hours. I would say if you do use a dryer even on medium be prepared to pull it out immediately since lying against the hot drum is probably not going to end well.

by Weenie

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by themidge

+1 on the towel trick, takes a few hours off just hanging to dry.

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