The less glamourous side of racing: The crash thread

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by timmerrr

Feel free to post up your road rash and and broken parts.

This resulted from a pedal strike and high side at 35mph in the last corner of a crit. On a motor racing circuit so I slid across the exit curbing at 30mph...

Had the race won too, only needed to make it through that corner.
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by MrCurrieinahurry

Just happy u didn't break anything on your body mate hope u heal up fast and bikes not to bad to get back on the road

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by Weenie

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by spdntrxi

indeed.. seems you escaped the usual collerbone injury. Those hands... I wear full gloves for that very reason, will still get banged up but hope for less skin loss.

Heal up !
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by robeambro

This spring I've crashed during Dirty Reiver 200, a gravel race in Northern England; it was my second time, but this time round the conditions were brutal, rainy, muddy, the whole lot.

I had no ambitions of placing well, but my brain decided it was a great idea to descend faster than my limited technical skills would allow. Plenty of folks were going (sensibly) very slow, whilst others (presumably, seasoned off-roadies) were going so fast - my brain made the unconscious decision that despite my limited off-road background, I could be part of the latter group.

I had passed a few people with no issues on double tracks by switching lanes (and going through the gritty, loose, muddy middle bits) with no issues at all. Then I tried it again on a shallow descent at maybe 30-something kmh, and suddenly my front end disappeared, and went flying on the gravel.. :lol: The speeds were relatively low, but it hurt nevertheless.

Pretty banged up and some rash (gravel rash means a lot of dirt having to be removed from the wound. 0/5 would not recommend), and I had to DNF. Luckily nothing broken, and after a couple weeks I was fine to cycle again.

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by MrCurrieinahurry

This is probabaly the only thread that i hope isn't a busy one,

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