Duffel bag on rear rack?

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by maurice1

I am looking to start bikepacking and speccing my new gravel bike with bags. My backpacking setup is a 25L (closer to 22 in reality) and I want a 20-30L rear bag that fits on a rack. I don't want a saggy and waggy saddle bag, the tailfin solution looks great but it is out of my budget and since I have all the mounting poitns I might as well use a proper rack. I've looked around a little and all I can find are side panniers or foldable panniers like the topeak MTX trunkbag and the zefal traveler 80.
Are they not a thing? Is this a bad idea?

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by ghostinthemachine

I have used a waxed canvas duffel that i got from the local equivalent of Army Surplus and either bungy cords or luggage straps to hold it to the rack (depending on how full it was and if it was gravelly/bumpy or more tarmac/smooth!).

I also have an older revelate design saddle bag for the MTB (no rack on that) that only wags when i'm out of the saddle giving it serious effort, it's old enough to not have the spinelock, just straps.

Just be aware that putting all the weight high and far back like that isn't much fun. I've also got a bar bag to try and shift some weight forward, and also pack heavy stuff as close to the centre of the bike as possible. Have looked at frame bags as well but a) they ain't cheap b) i don't go *that* often anymore and c) when i do go i don't need that much gear really...

by Weenie

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by Smitty2k1

Instead of a "duffel" you should definitely just get a decent sized dry bag, such as the ever popular Seat to Summit Big River: https://www.outdoorgearlab.com/reviews/ ... -big-river

I have both the 13L and 20L and they are a good size to fit on top of a rear rack with a pair of ski straps (such as Voile straps)

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by thewoodsman

i throw a backpack on the rack. use the raincover that came with it another one to cover the strap side. fairly light weight, and when i get someone, easier to carry around. can also strap it on the side of the rack like a panier and balance the other side with some gear.

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by qwertzuiop

I use a Rockgeist Basket Bag, which has 25l of space. It doubles as our beach bag when on holiday. It's not super expensive and a great peace of bikepacking and commuting kit I use everyday. Needs a basket on your rear rack tough (I use a front rack). Hope this helps

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