Transporting a dog by bike...

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by vd91

So, bit of a random one WW'ers...

I have a dachshund, and I work shifts, so when I'm on days, he tends to go to my parents for the day, which is conveniently on my way home from work.

When I'm cycling to and from work, I want to pick him up on my bike on the way home, without having to go home, get the car, drive back and collect him.

So my question is, what are the most effective ways people transport dogs on their bikes?

I've tried him in a handlebar basket, but the basket is a weird shape and he isn't comfy in it, plus I don't like how heavy it makes the steering. He won't go in a backpack either.

Next option I'm thinking about a Topeak pannier rack with their shopping crate on the back, which looks perfect size wise for transporting the dog (he's about 7kg).

Does anyone have any other suggestions other than a trailer?


by Weenie

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by GaBa

Cargo bike maybe? Something like bullit.

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by Lelandjt

My dog rides in this. Probably overkill for a small dog though. ... 270&sr=8-2

I think they make dog specific backpacks that would work for you.

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