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by Gg53

Hi folks, new aroun here, I'll start with a quick intro. I have been biking since I remember, seriouly for around 15, but a bigger gap during the last five. I did AllMountain (Enduro before it was cool), Downhill, a bit of road riding and some street.

I now live in a country that is very bike friendly, but remarkably flat. Used a brompton when I needed to commute with the train, but I now can cycle 20-23km each way, which is a pleasant way to start the day.

I got myself a used Priority Continuum Onyx, and already changed a bunch of parts (mostly with used stuff, or cheap parts that I got used, to try and understand what are my real needs for a long-ish distance commute), to the point that there is not much left. I will upload a decent picture of the thing tomorrow.

It no longer resembles what you can find in Prioritys website, since it is now drop bar and single speed (the most expensive upgrade until now have been a pair of used Ultegra hydraulic brifters and some cheap hydro-calipers, needed due to going drop bar).

Based on RidesOfJapan spreadsheet, measured a few things.

Starting point 12.06kg

FRAME priority continuum onyx 21in ??
FORK alloy 861 g
WHEELS dynamo 36h + specialized 36h 2925 g
Front Wheel including rotor and bolts 1511 g
Front hub dynamo panasonic (similar to BEP-NRH003, but solid axle)
Front spokes ??
Front nipples ??
Front rim ??
Front tape red
Axle/ QR nuts
Rear Wheel Spec hub+ a119 1414 g
Rear hub specialized 36h 462 g
Rear spokes dt 2.0-1.8 225 g
Rear nipples brass 36 g
Rear rim mavic a 119 551 g
Rear tape red 25 g
Axle/ QR Solid 10mm QR 115 g
TIRE front continental 28mm 284 g
Tire rear Vee tyre london road 35mm 455 g
TUBES Vittoria 33-37 schrader 300 g
DISC ROTOR tektro budget 160mm 234 g
rotor bolts 6x bolts 15 g
CRANK SRAM carbon + 55t gates CDN 743 g
CASSETTE gates 20t cog + spacers + lockring 120 g
FRONT MECH single speed 0 g
REAR MECH single speed 0 g
SHIFTER Ultegra ST-RS685 649 g
CABLES none 0 g
BRAKES Shimano BR-M395 ??
CHAIN gates cdx 120 t 97 g
HANDLEBAR bontranger 44cm ??
STEM BBB highrise 90mm 35 degrees 178 g
SADDLE Selle Italia SLR 180 g
SEAT POST boodabike 27.2 inline 321 g
Seat clamp 31.8 27 g
PEDALS crank brothers mallet 452 g
BOTTLE CAGES crap plastic ?? g

by Weenie

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Joined: Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:16 pm

by Gg53

I will soon-ish have a pair of rims back from my parents garage, around 406g each (24mm inner, carbon, from a previous bike).
After a few years of being a student, I now had the possibility to buy a chris king rear hub, and finally got one (NOS iso (6 bolts) 135mm quick release) with 36 holes. Did some research and with some careful lacing, and some new spokes, will be able to lace that to my carbon rim.
Attached with that, I will move from the heavy solid 10mm axle to a quick release (going shimano, since the internal cam tends to clamp stronger than the much lighter options). Since the frame has forward facing horizontal-ish dropouts, I will need the QR to keep it secure.
This rear wheel change will in theory drop 433g (expecting the rear wheel to be just under 1kg with tubeless tape, valve and the shimano QR).

From that point onwards, it starts getting trickier and that is where I want some help to come in. It is a commuter that is stored mostly inside, but can be a few hours on the rain. Mudguards, a dynamo hub, front and rear lights are a necessity. The frame has to allow for a belt split.
I know that I'll want to change the front hub (moving away from the solid axle will also allow me to not carry the 15mm spanner, which in itself is another 100g).
Also planned is a mini pump change.

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by Gg53

The things that I have on the shortlist that can provide the best bang-for-the-buck are the following:
  • 1 Pedals from Crank Brothers Mallet to Shimano PD-A600 weighing at 286 g (saving 166 g for 70€= 0.42€/g) - I want spd and a decent platform in case I need to use normal shoes for any other trip
    2 Seatpost from 27.2mm inline alloy to a MT Zoom weighing in at 143 g (saving 178 g at 105€ = 0.59€/g saved)
    3 tubeless (after changing the front wheel)
    4 Still trying to figure out tires, probably happy in the 35-38mm range, therefore slick gravelkings can save some weight compared to my current rear tire
    5 ebay carbon fork, claiming 530ish grams (26in model has enough length),(saving 331 g at 110€ = 0.33€/g saved)
    6 possibly rotors, either to ashima ai2 160mm or to hope X2 if I want to stay with 2piece rotors
    7 use the 400g carbon rim on a new front dynamo hub using decent spokes (using a sonDelux with a 12mm thru axle and adapter, for future compatibility), would be around 450g-500g saved, for an expected 350€ (not super cost efficient, but maybe I can get a deal on ebay or similar on other SON)
The goal is to get to sub 10 with dynamo, lights, bell, mudguards, pedals and bottle cages.
I would greatly appreciate any other ideas (and I'll try to photograph all the weights > ... nuum-onyx/ ). Some parts I can get more accurate weights, others, like the frame, just require me to disassemble too much (there is the possibility that deeper in the winter I'll get it down to the frame to weigh it, but have no tools to remove the headset cups, so those would stay in.

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