Road frame with horizontal dropouts

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by ChristianB


I am looking for a new commuter frame for a single speed build. I am not to excited about fixed gearing, and freewheel options for track hubs seems either expensive or has low mileage quality. So the frame should preferably have:

- horizontal dropouts
- 130mm rear hub spacing
- preferably mudguard mounts
- brake fitting rear and front
- Available in the EU
- In the cheaper end

Any ideas?


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by ergott

What about using a White Industries eccentric Eno hub? That will allow you to use any vertical dropout bike. It will be easier to to get the rest of your build specs on a good frame that way.

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by Weenie

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by Marin

Or this: ... er-p25947/

Plus a halflink in the chain if needed.

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by Rigard

I run an On One Pompino as my bad weather commuter bike, has room for fenders and big tires. Currently running it without fenders and with 38mm G-One tires
I coldset it to 130mm, now I have the advantage of working in a bikeshop. In a stroke of luck we coldset to 130mm in one single go and it was dead straight aswell, ymmv (we were quite proud of ourselves that day)

I see they currently don't list the Pompino, but the Holdsworth frame is quite similair only you'll have to run roadbrakes, instead of canti's. Only available in medium right now but just 188 euro's. Just keep an eye on their website it appears frame stock pop on and off quite regularly.

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