I need a new commuter bike/frame

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by dmulligan


I'm looking for a new commuter bike. My requirements are:
- drop bars
- fender and rear rack braze-on eyelets
- short reach
- not heavy
- durable
- road or disc brakes

I'm currently riding a 54cm 2009 Kona Jake cross bike. It's in reasonable condition for its age and KMs. My biggest problem with the bike is it's reach. It's too long for me. The LBS sold it to me by stand over height and I've got longer legs and a shorter torso than most males. My 54cm Cervelo R3 fits me very well with its 378mm reach when paired with a 90mm stem. A little shorter would be fine too.

On the topic of disc vs rim brakes; I prefer the idea of disc but then I lose wheel compatibility. Really I just don't want cantilever brakes. I also want full coverage fenders which sounds hard to do with road brakes. I'd be tempted to build a carbon set if I went to disc so there's that...

My commute home includes 180m of climbing so losing a little weight would be nice. However my pannier adds enough that bike weight may not really matter.

If the frame is a gravel grinder or cross type (what's the difference?) even better. Last year I entered a gravel race and almost got into cross so it would be nice to be dual purpose.


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by MikeMoore

Kinesis 4S or 4S disc?

Or a Kinesis GF Ti?
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by Weenie

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by dmulligan

MikeMoore wrote:Kinesis 4S or 4S disc?

Or a Kinesis GF Ti?

Two problems with Kinesis. They don't appear to be available in Canada and the reach is a little long at 390mm. Otherwise those models do look interesting.

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by Arph

GF Ti (I happen to have one - with rim brakes).

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