Fender choices?

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by Brynhildr

TonyM wrote:
Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:58 pm
Do all these bikes belong to you?? ImageImage quite a collection...
Ahaha, I'm not a hoarder quite just yet! This is where all the abandoned bikes from my complex go to die. Only that and the janky singlespeed on the left are actually mine! Maybe one day I can maybe salvage some of those old bikes in working condition!

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by froze

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by Weenie

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by froze

I had a set of Planet Bike Cascadia fenders and didn't like them, they made a lot of noise and were always going out of adjustment, then the stupid rods were highly susceptible to bending. I heard complaints similar to the SKS's; so I decided to try three-quarter fenders instead of fulls, I got the Topeak Defender TX series fenders, and now I get no noise, they rarely go out of adjust and when they do they're easy to put back, just flip a small lever on the plastic rods, and adjust, then clamp the lever back, no tools needed, unlike the Cascasdias. I thought since they were three-quarter fenders I would have issues with water spray getting on part of the bike, but nope.

I got the brands mixed up in my post just before this one, I thought that one was deleted so now I deleted it.
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by Ferry

I am very pleased with the Hebie Wingee on my commuter bike. Very solid.

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