Seatpost mount rack vs frame mounted rack

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by shlammed

Im thinking of building (fabrication is a hobby of mine) a rack system for my commuter bike.

The frame is basically scrap being that its so heavy and it was free. it doesn't have frame mounts for a rack, so I would have to weld some nuts to the frame for mounting. This has me thinking... is there any reason not to make a seatpost mounted rack vs a frame rack?

The most I will be carrying is a grocery bag and/or my lunch bag. Either will be a small flat with rails for a bungee to hold it on.


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by RussellS

Seatpost mounted racks mean a rack that has a big heavy clamp on the seatpost and nothing connected to the seatstays or rear dropout. You can buy them for $20 from Nashbar. Traditional normal rack is connected to eyelets on the seatstaps and at the rear dropout. They essentially weigh about the same. But the traditional rear rack is better because it has more connections. The seatpost rack is only connected at one place, the big clamp around the seatpost. Always go with a normal rear rack if its an option. The seatpost mounted rack will work I suppose if you have no other options and are careful about what you put on the rack. For you since you have to braze, weld on eyelets on the seatstays and rear dropouts, it might make sense to go with the seatpost mounted rack.

by Weenie

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