Best bike for commuting

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by maxice

I've converted a Cannondale CAAD10 track bike into a commuter. Quite comfortable for my 16mile round trip.

Just added brakes and a freewheel.

by Weenie

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by steel515

[quote=AJS914 post_id=1415794 time=1532271050 user_id=60118]
I turned a cross bike into a gravel / winter bike with 40mm Clement MSO xPlor tires. With 40mm tires it laughs at potholes for 60km rides I'd probably go for 36mm or 32mm tires. I had so much fun on that bike that I rode it all fall, winter, and spring.

who makes 36mm tires? you mean 35mm?

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by bmCube

Clement makes 36mm tires

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by Matt28NJ

IMO any bike you don't care about is a good choice for a commuter. In my case it was a retired backup race/training bike. Bonus if you can find one that accepts bigger tires.

Failing that, I'd buy a canti brake CX bike for dirt cheap, especially one with mudguard eyelets like a Fuji Cross Pro or something similar.

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by Nick38

I use to use a road bike all the time but following an accident where I was hit by a van on a roundabout I invested in a Gravel bike with my insurance payment, Specialized Diverge. Nearly as fast as a roadie on 32mm tyres but means I can use paths and a few tracks when traffic is busiest, just as quick over my 14mile commute

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