Light Business Casual Shoe Recommendations

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by RyanH

Anyone have suggestions for shoes that are light and can pass for business casual? Trying to get the backpack weight down.

Not sure how Nordstrom will take it if I show up with a scale and start weighing shoes. I'm thinking that black loafers (driving type) will fit the bill, but the soles vary significantly which can influence the weight a lot.

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by Calnago

How about just leaving some shoes at work?
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by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

I leave a pair of shoes at work. They're basic lace-up oxfords in black suede, soft sole. They pretty much go with anything.
Shoes are easily the heaviest thing a person can commute with (outside of a laptop)... so unless you really need to have different shoes each day to absolutely match the clothes, leave a pair at work.

I actually leave a pair of super cheap shoes I scored off Aliexpress at $16/pair, comfortable enough to wear around the office and even walk a few blocks for lunch, but not my good shoes which I can just save for personal, non-work use. The girls in the office still compliment me on the Aliexpress cheap ones, they think they're great. :lol: ... 69794.html
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by junchen

How about giro republics? Hehe. Spd compatible. If u commute to work, you don't have to change shoes...

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by Rush

I'm lucky to have a small locker at work as well as some hanging space. So I leave a good pair of work shoes in the locker and two suits in the changeroom hangers.

All I ride in with a shirt, tie, socks and underwear.

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by MattSoutherden

junchen wrote:How about giro republics?

This was going to be my recommendation.
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by RyanH

When I commute, it's to client sites so I don't get the luxury of leaving shoes unless I'm there a few days in a row.

The Giro's are something to consider except I'd need new pedals.

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by Beverly

Vivobarefoot and Lems both have "minimal/barefoot" style shoes that look to be pretty light (7-8oz).

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by Arph

Unless you need to walk on anything but carpets, I'd advise against Giro Republics (I commute in Republics, but leave shoes at my desk). They are too much of a cycling shoe, soles are to rigid to walk easily, and pads are hard and noisy. I don't know what you do, but I would never have shown at a client's in Republics (that is, when I used to have clients).

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by ohjinguh9

Common projects (or any ripoff pair) if you don't need to clip in. They're using cheaper leather now compared to when they first came out, which is lighter and works in your favor

Quoc weekend if you got spds

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by Point

Would the Adidas velosambas work as business casual - SPD?
Adidas Velosamba

A smarter look, all leather - SPD

Having said that, I've just read you want light too.
Do you need to clip in, or are you looking for flats?
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by jfranci3

You're looking for suede loafers. Cole Haan / Allen Edmonds would be a good start.

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by froze

jfranci3 wrote:
Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:44 pm
You're looking for suede loafers. Cole Haan / Allen Edmonds would be a good start.
Not sure what type of facilities you have at work, but when I worked for a corporation and then later ran my own business I commuted by bike, and I had a pair of shoes at work along with fresh shirts, pants, underwear, etc waiting for me, then on Fridays I would bring clean stuff in and take the dirty stuff home. I didn't like riding in big cities on Fridays due to the number of drunk, tired, and grumpy motorists that were out and about, so I used that day to go in by car. Most of the time the office ate lunch out so had no need to carry a lunch in, and we had a water cooler and usual snack and coffee machines, so I would just refill my water bottle from it. So the only reason I had to take a backpack was to carry the lock, but after about a month of working at the Corporation my boss said just to bring the bike inside and leave it in my office! He told the security guards to allow me to bring it in and I left the backpack and lock at home.

I don't know how much of that you can do, but they do make a pannier and backpacks specifically for carrying office clothes neatly. There is a backpack called the Genius Pack's Travel Packpack that according to reviews works great but it isn't cheap. If you learn how to roll your clothes you can use any backpack and the clothes will stay pretty much wrinkle free, then get a small spray bottle of Wrinkle Releaser and spray whatever wrinkles you might have. You YouTube how to roll your clothes.

Anyway the shoe thing shouldn't be difficult, just go down to a shoe store, find a style with a weight you can live with, if all you have to carry is shoes weight is not going to be an issue unless you're packing full height working boots with thick leather and waterproof membrane along with steel toes and thick soles and heels! You can also get some nice shoes that you can use on the bike and around the office so you don't even have to change out the shoes from companies like Five Ten, Crossover Longwing, Merrell Mens Freewheel, and here are more: ... ok-casual/

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by jfranci3

If they're going to be in backpack and business casual and versitile, you're not going to beat a suede loafer. The sneakers are fine if you're in IT, a creative, deep back office, or wear them 1x/week. They squish, they have thin shoes, maybe eliminate socks, ... color=3314

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by bobrayner

Admittedly it won't work for people who have to visit different client sites, but work shoes are 100% the first thing you should consider leaving at the office.

Firstly, shoes are probably heavier and harder to pack than anything else you need to take for most office jobs (a shirt, a laptop, ...?); secondly they don't need much cleaning, compared to other clothes which will have to go home to your washing machine; thirdly you probably don't need to bring your work shoes home because you probably have very different shoes that you'd rather wear for gardening or socialising; and fourthly it's likely that a precedent has already been set by any colleagues who wear heels (leave the heels under the desk, wear gym shoes for the commute).

It took me a while to learn this lesson when I first started cycle-commuting. My first attempt involved BMX-styled shoes with a recessed cleat, and I blacked out the logo & styling with a sharpie. It was a stupid idea, they still weren't great for walking the corridors, and my feet were sweaty all day. The second-most stupid idea was a pair of "safety" shoes with super strong soles and concealed steel toecaps; they looked OK around the office, and they were stiff enough for pedalling, but the chafing was terrible (and my feet were still sweaty). Leaving a pair of cheap formal shoes in the office was so much easier.
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by Weenie

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